Saturday, 3 October 2015

Celebrate Oct #1

I know I'm a day late but I feel blessed to have lots of things to celebrate :)  so I am joining in with the Celebrate crowd
You can too - just ask Lexa to add you to the list if you want to be visited but by all means go and check out what all these people are celebrating this week :)  Lexa is also doing a special giveaway and HORROR blog hop too if you want to check her blog page out too.

1)  The fine weather is continuing so I have been busy gardening and really enjoying this sunshine - everyone is SO much happier and it is lovely to meet everyone with a smile on their face - where ever I go I seem to have Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World playing along in my head :)

2)  My walking group is continuing to grow and it is really pleasing to see everyone joining in and having fun.  I am so pleased I started it :)

3)  I passed my First Aid course so am now officially qualified to give First Aid - this is just in case anything untoward happens on one of my walks!!  Hopefully, nothing ever will!

4)  I got hold of two hardback books this week that I have been wanting to read for the amazing price of just £1 each!!!  I just love a good book bargain :)

5)  Finally, I am celebrating the return of Once Upon A Time (my DD just re-subscribed to Netflix)which I have to confess is one of my favourites - I get a bit swoony over Hook!!  So will be able to watch episodes on those autumnal nights - lovely :)

I'd love to know what you have to celebrate and now I'm off to check out what everyone lse has been up to.  Have a great weekend :)