Thursday, 10 November 2016

Weight Loss Wedneday

Well I have to report a small loss which is a step in the right direction and makes me feel positive for the future.  The scales now read ___ 4 1/2 so I need to keep going and hope that in two - three weeks time I will be reporting that I have gone below the stone threshold.

I have exercised well this week (5 hours - 300 minutes) and I tried out one of the recipes from my new dieting book:
that went down a treat with both my husband and myself which bodes well for the future.  So this week will give me the opportunity to try out a couple more and I have more exercise planned so that I will have done 300 minutes this week too.

Last week, I had an interesting comment left by author Crystal about how muscle focused exercises could help with weight loss.  I looked into this and interestingly found many references by doctors of how the bigger the muscle the more calories are burned and for longer so this week I did a bit more exercise focused on my larger muscles and hope to continue and add to this this week too.

I am also going to be measuring certain areas of my body so that even if the scales do not seem to be going down as much as I'd like hopefully my body shape will be changing for the better.

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because we all need a little support in this weight loss journey :)

Let me know how things are going for you and as always I really value any tips or advice you can offer :)

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Celebrate #26

Another week where celebrations were high on the list - so joining in with the celebrate crew :)
Led by Lexa Cain and supported by Tonja Drecker and L G Keltner why not join in too?

1 - parties where we got lots of family together - always good to spend time in the company of little ones and lovely to have the opportunity to do a real party tea!!  Great fun had by one and all :)

2 - my radio interview for a local BBC radio station went really well. I didn't speak gobbledy gook and the radio presenter was really interested in finding out more about Nordic walking and invited me to tell everyone my website to find out more.  I've had more interest and people contacting me on the back of it so really pleased on how it all turned out!

3 - I also had more new people come out trying Nordic walking this week and really loving it so hope to see even more regular walkers this week - my group numbers are steadily growing :)

Here's hoping everyone else had a great week and will be enjoying their weekend too.  Leave me a comment below to let me know what you've been up to this week.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday

Must confess I feel rather down this week as my scales stay steady.  I sneaked a peak last week to see a one and a half pound loss but unfortunately after another party long weekend it looks like I've regained it all.  Looking on the bright side I haven't put on but still - sad face.

I wish I could say I feel confident I'll have a better week this time but I feel rather lack lustre - even though I got hold of one of the Hairy Bikers' diet cook books (from a charity shop) which had been recommended to me by a lady who has had great success this year - getting the weight off and keeping it off!

They have an on-line weight loss program too now (which you sign up and pay for) but I don't think that's what I need just at the moment but their free weight loss calculator did remind me that if I was able to lose 2lbs per week then it would take me less than 5 months to lose THREE STONE and that means that I would be standing on those scales on the 29th March at my perfect weight.  Maybe this thought will inspire me this week plus trying out some of their recipes?  Tune in next week to see what transpires :)

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Prompt #129

Joining in with Sara for her wonderful creative writing linky -

I wasn't going to this week but then I saw the prompt word and suddenly I had a flood of memories plus a new moment this weekend so I thought - why not?  I can't say it's very well crafted but I hope you get the message behind it :)


With a snip and a snap,
bit the chewing gum pack
On my brother’s small finger
which took too long to linger
on my prankster pack of gum
This trick - my number one!

“Why do you have that penny there?”
My Dad would pluck one from my hair
Or behind my ear, beneath my chin
“Please show me how,” I’d beg of him
A way to make me smile however sad
A trick to save the day however bad.

“I can pull my thumb in half”
My nephew said with cheeky laugh
And with all eyes watching him
He amazed us with his grin
And his thumb in two parts - quick
For him it’s his first trick!

A deck of cards was all he had
But magic oozed from my grandad
And stories told of naughty Jacks
And Kings and Queens both red and black
He’d shuffle in and out the pack.
These tricks I’d all wish back.

How strange that mischief such as this
Throughout our lives gives us much bliss
For young and old, for girl and boy
Tricks played, tricks seen, dispense much joy
And gives us memories - filled with laughter
That we'll hold now - for ever after :)