This page is currently under construction and I will be adding my back catalogue of freebies as well as updating with new ones I post in the coming months.  Please keep checking back...

Click on the picture to take you to the post featuring that particular freebie and download from there.  Please let me know if there are any problems with the links.  Some products have a freebie "try before you buy" as well as a larger paid product.

A cupcake addition pack with activities, recording sheets and worksheet to get children to learn, practice and be able to recall addition bonds/addends to 5 and 6.

A matching alphabet activity.  Can you put the correct lower case bird on the upper case nest?

A simple addition one page worksheet - useful for homework or assessment.

A zoo animal themed alphabet strip that helps children when writing.

A simple count the spots ladybird worksheet. 

One of my most successful activity packs on TpT.

A mini-unit on telling the time in French.

 Put the penguins in size order!

A lot of good feedback on this activity and the children love it - comparing length with colourful pencils!

 A phonics board that can assist in children breaking down words into their component sounds.

Do you have children interested in castles and knights then this subtraction board activity could be just what they would like?

Using tasty visuals to gain understanding of number bonds.  Children can complete these little number booklets.

Which cupcake is the odd one out when learning the various phonic sounds including digraphs and long vowel sounds?

Helping children to read using their "ee" sound phonic knowledge.  Can they match the word to the correct picture with these jigsaw pieces?

A differentiated self-correcting activity to help children recognise the number 
that is one less than.

Helping children to recognise useful colour words as well as those words on a summer theme.
Building up words using self correcting picture word strips before working on building the word through letters alone.

Learning how to read colour words is a very useful skill and these sheets give plenty of practice.

Children often find irregular verbs difficult when using them in the past tense so here is a useful little game to play that will help overcome this.
 Another maths game to sort odd and even numbers and give children plenty of practice in recognising which is which.

Differentiated practice sheets for one less and one more with a summer theme.

A simple worksheet based around a summer poem that children can choose their own similes for from a selection.

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