Special Education Blogs

I am trying to post either buttons or web addresses of the blogs currently being updated (or at least live during 2014) that are to do with special education.  Please feel free to direct me to others you may have also come across.

I will eventually get this to be in alphabetical order :-)

A Peach for the Teach: Behavior Supports & Multi-Age

A Tender Teacher For Special Needs

Autism Classroom News

27/08/2014 - this blog has now closed for posting updates

Beautiful Speech Life
Added 10th September 2014

Burke's Special Kids

Added 24th Aug 2014

A Differentiated Kindergarten
Added 28th August 2014
Added 21/02/2015

Life In Special Education

Little Room Under the Stairs Little Room Under the Stairs

Added 25th August 2014  Making Us Whole (Christian Teaching site on Inclusion)

Miss, Hey Miss   Miss Hey Miss

Added 24th Aug 2014 

Added 09/10/2014 - dyslexia - Orton Gillingham method based website & blog

Preschool Wonders

Added 24th Augst 2014

Added 9th Jan 2016 - Autism specialism

Added 27th August 2014

Added 25th August 2014


Superteach's Special Ed Spot
                                Superteach Special Ed Spot     Added 25th August 2014

Teach Happy Ms. Nally
Added 9th September 2014 

Added 25th August 2014

TeacherFish at School

Added 24th Aug 2014
Teaching Special Thinkers

The Write Combo

You AUT-a Know


  1. Thanks for posting!! I really appreciate the shoutout!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment. You have a great blog and your advice and ideas are such a great help to others so I naturally want to spread the word to others :-)

  3. thank you for putting my blog on your list! Paula @ educating children with disabilities

  4. I didn't know you when these were written, but I am glad to have met you now!
    My nephew is a highly functioning Autistic, who has graduated from college with a degree in forestry. My sister was/is a tiger who fought all the way along for his educational rights.
    Now, most would not realize he was/is/will be always autistic.

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