Friday, 2 December 2016

Celebrate #27

I have been so busy recently that I am celebrating the fact I can join in with the Celebrate crowd led by Lexa and her co-hosts Tonja and L.G!  Click on the button below to join in too :)

This week I attended my local borough sporting award ceremony as a finalist in their adult coach/instructor category.  I was blown away to be on the stage with "proper" coaches as I still don't really count myself as one and it was truly lovely to have been nominated.  I didn't win but I actually know the winner and she is amazing so I was very pleased for her.  It was also really nice that two of the ladies that were my original guinea pigs when I first began teaching Nordic walking could also come along to the awards with me and we had a really great time together.

I am also celebrating getting into a good knitting cycle where I have used up quite a few odd balls of wool from my stash knitting lap blankets for Alzheimer patients as part of a new project at my local hospital.  Using 10mm knitting needles and two strands of double knit they knit up really quickly and look quite good too with the colour combinations I have used.

Lastly I am celebrating and being thankful for the continued good weather we have been having in November which has allowed me to be outdoors so much - autumnal sunshine is just so beautiful :)

Here's hoping everyone else has had a good week and found something to be thankful for too - I'd love to know what you've been up to so leave a comment below!