Monday, 13 March 2017

Celebrate #8

Hi all - it's that time again to

joining in with the crew led by Lexa Cain and her co-hosts - Tonja Drecker and LG Keltner.

Life seems very busy at the moment but it's all good and I'm happy to celebrate that this week -

1)  More sunshine on the days I lead Nordic walking groups is always something to be thankful for.
I had a record number of walkers - 24 ! - for a special circular walk that ended with a pub lunch and it all went really well despite the initial whoops of we couldn't actually get to the footbridge to cross over the ford because the ford had flooded up the lane!!  Thank goodness I knew a different way around.

2) Everything seems to be going well for the event I am in charge of organising for this week - I've got the tea and coffee and some biscuits, I have a table plan, I have volunteers to serve refreshments, I've put out press releases - I just need to push the last of the printed leaflets through local letterboxes and finish off my painted board for putting up outside the venue.  Then I have to pray that the public come through that door on Wednesday afternoon!!!!

3) I'm also very pleased to say that my dad's medication seems to have been sorted out (at last) and he is starting to feel better so a visit to them should hopefully be back on the cards in the near future.

Here's hoping everyone else is doing well and finding something to celebrate even if the world is whizzing by at times!!  Let me know what you've been up to :)

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Celebrate #7

What a great linky this one is :)
Thank you as always to Lexa Cain, Tonja Drecker and L G Keltner for making it happen!

This week I am celebrating:

1 - Yes I did it! I passed my exams - all of them!!  So I was delighted because I'd been so worried about the first one and in the end I received the same mark as for the second one (and rather amazingly it was a good one!!)  The relief when I found out - very happy me :)

2 - On the back of passing the exams I am now on the next phase of recruiting volunteers to train as Walk Leaders for the walks I have already begun which in turn would allow me to go into other areas which are asking for Nordic walking.  Therefore, I am looking into funding and working everything out and hoping that some people would be prepared to take up the challenge. At least I will start to find out what the future of my Nordic walking plans will be shortly.

3 - the event I am managing is also progressing with 30 contributors signed up so far - just a week left for them to sign up so I might make 40 you never know?  The leaflets have been printed already which is fantastic and well before schedule so I will begin to deliver out this week and I now need to think about those final things like name badges and table placements so any ideas on what makes events better please let me know - I'd be very keen to hear :)

Here's hoping everyone else has also had a great week with everything coming together - let me know what's been happening to you - you know I'd love to know :)