Wednesday 30 March 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday #13

Oh dear unlucky 13 - however despite everything going out the window for Easter as we were away and there were meals out with indulgent deserts and of course the obligatory chocolate - I am quite happy to report a 1&1/4lb gain as I really did think it could have been a LOT worse.  This means I now stand on the scales at ____  12 3/4 so here's to a successful week drinking plenty of water, upping my consumption of fruit and veg, plenty of exercise and taking my natural remedy diet pills. This will hopefully see a loss (next week) taking me below last week's weigh-in so 1 1/2 1b is my goal!!

Linking up with Cheryl, who I am delighted to say has had a successful week despite it being Easter!

I think everyone else might be on holiday?

I'd love to know how Easter has been for you - have there been any low fat, low calorie treats out there, have you been on a lovely, long Easter walk with family or friends, taken up a new sport or exercise class?  You know I'd love to know so leave a comment below!

Monday 28 March 2016


Joining in with Sara's


On an evening, in the dark
I am watching Mighty Mouse
In the school hall on rickety school chairs
An old projector clicks away
And I am spellbound
I am the smallest in my class
… """Mouse"""...
Heads turn towards me
Smiles, some sniggers
My fellow students, five and six years old
I watch as the smallest becomes the greatest
Mighty Mouse shows me what I could be
By the end I leave knowing
Size isn’t everything
By the next morning,
                                                                     I have grown mighty...
                                                                                                         mighty....              ...mighty.
                                                                                                                       ... mighty

I love that this prompt inspires so many different reflections on what this word means - check the other interpretations out by clicking on The Prompt button above.  

Let me know your thoughts, do you remember Mighty Mouse?  Did you have film night at your school?  What's the first film you remember seeing on the "big screen"?  You know I'd love to know :)

Friday 25 March 2016


Could it be an any more apt day for Celebrate to fall on - GOOD Friday?
So here I am joining in with Lexa and the gang and you can too if you click the button below :)
This week, Lexa is celebrating the release of Cloaked in Secrecy by another Celebrate contributor T.F.Walsh
If you want to read my review on this new book you can read it here

The things I am celebrating this week are:

1) Spending time with my family over these past two weeks - I've seen both my children and all of our parents and I am very thankful for that - time is so precious I now realise!

2) Passing my Nordic Walking instructor's course - now I just need to start practising teaching others and I will be able to say I am a proper instructor :)

3) The return to health of one of my cats.  He has been so poorly but is now making a full recovery after special treatment at the vets - where he behaved so well and was so brave he very much impressed everyone there and made them all love him!

Hopefully you too have had a week you wish to celebrate so let me know what special things have happened that have brightened your life.

Thursday 24 March 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday #12

Just a quick post today but am delighted to record a 2 1/2 pound loss - yipee!!  I have gone from the stone marker to ___ 11 1/2 so onwards and downwards towards the next stone loss of the year.

I did SO much exercise during my Nordic walking instructor course over the weekend

that in fact when I weighed myself on the Monday I had lost 3 1/2 pounds as well as an inch off my midriff!! The pound increase is, I am sure, due to my consumption of a fish and chip supper, two Cadbury creme eggs and a huge bread roll in the intervening days away at my parents!  However, now that I am a fully qualified instructor - yes I passed the course - I am hoping that I will be exercising at a higher intensity and for longer in the coming weeks and months and this will play a significant role in my weight loss and healthier me goal :)

Joining in with:

Cheryl over at who tells it like it is and ALWAYS makes me feel good whatever the week has been like - she is my rock!!

and Sim at

and Kirsty at

Here's to everyone having a successful week this week on their respective weight loss journeys and please let me know how your healthier lifestyle is going and what things are working well for you!

Tuesday 22 March 2016

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

This year will be my third foray into the Blogging From A to Z Challenge

and I have decided to push myself a little further out of my comfort zone of informational posts on special education teaching and this year will have as my

Special School Stories

where I will hopefully recount in a more narrative style (with maybe the odd poem thrown in) about my own school life as a child as well as my experiences as a classroom teacher in various primary schools!

In addition, I am also one of :
There are 7 of us (but just remember we are GNOME sidekicks NOT  DWARVES!!!!)
We put the FUN in DysFUNctional
so really I couldn't be in with a better fitting crew - could I?
You can read more about us by clicking on the badge above :)

I will be heading over to visit as many blogs as I can taking part in the "Theme Reveal " - I would urge you to do the same - you can find the list at -

I am absolutely sure you will discover some new blogs out there that are SO on your wave-length!! And I have certainly over these past two challenges made some wonderful bloggy friends that continue to amuse, amaze, delight and add that extra sparkle into my life :)

Let me know if you're taking part in the Challenge or what theme you have in mind?  I'd love to know!

Thursday 17 March 2016

Weightless Wednesday on a Thursday!

As I said in my last Weightless post, I have had a very out of routine and out of England week so stepping on the scales today I was really rather worried that I might have a rather big gain to report. So I am over the moon to see the scales register that I maintained!!  Yipee :)  Considering some of the food I ate I think maybe the diet pills helped?  I didn't always remember to take them but did about 90% of the time so this week I will try to keep taking them as well as go back to my eating of a much healthier diet.  We will see what happens!

Cheryl is still flying the flag for linky parties on a weight-loss theme despite the week she's had so go and check out her post at:

I did find a great article posted today at women's health mag on how walking is actually burning off more calories than previously thought.  If you want to read it too simply click on the photo above which will take you to the article.

I take my course to become a Nordic Walking instructor this weekend so wish me luck and I'm sure I'll have some more health tips learnt through it for you next week :)

Monday 14 March 2016

Identical Confusion!

Joining in with Sara's

for some more creative writing fun :)

Identical Confusion

"Now are you Steven or are you Paul?"
The supply teacher's strained voice says it all.
The twins smile back and point to each other,
"He's Paul, Miss and I'm his brother!"

Also posting this on Victoria's linky as well
if you'd like to look at what others have written this week too :)

Are you a twin?  Have you had identical twins in your class almost impossible to tell apart?  Any thought on my ditty?  You know I'd love to know so drop me a comment below :)

Saturday 12 March 2016

Three Line Tales

photo by Simon Zeller

High above the city skyline, discussing over cups of tea

As demi-gods on mount Olympus, the future for both you and me.

Mere mortals toiling way below them - their hopes and dreams they cannot see.

Joining in with Sonya's TLT linky for the first time and once again blown away by the sheer brilliance of some of the writers contributing. How do they say so much with so few words? It's quite incredible.

What do you think of the photo above?  If you would like to join in just click on the photo to go to the site. Any comments on my scribble much appreciated as always :)  Here's hoping everyone is having a creative weekend!

Friday 11 March 2016

Celebrate #11

How time flies!!
Back once more with Lexa and the gang :)

This week I am celebrating - 

1) The new yoga class that I attend on a Friday - I mentioned I had had a go some weeks ago and really enjoyed it as did the other ladies who attended so we pestered the yoga teacher to put on a new beginners class for us and he has - excellent news :)  I can't quite believe how relaxed the session makes you feel when you are doing it yet you leave absolutely buzzing with energy - weird but wonderful!

2) this month's art session at my art club where I got to watch a portrait artist (Jane French) at work creating an amazing portrait (working from a photograph) in oils.  It was so exciting to watch how the portrait grew and developed and she gave lots of really useful information and pointers as she went along.  I think I might like to have a go working in this medium so I might sign up for one of her day courses later in the year.
This portrait painted and exhibited last year won her a gold award

3) Last but not least - having my son home for Mother's Day which was lovely and felt really special :)

You know I'd love to know what you had to celebrate this week, What have you joined in with that's new or what new thing did you see?  Let me know by leaving a comment below and have a super weekend!

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday #10

Here I am again linking up with:
where Kate is sharing what has worked for her so successfully over the last two weeks :)

Cheryl over at Madhouse Family who tells it as it is (which is why I love her posts SO much!!)

Sim is giving Beth a rest this week and is hosting this linky party - even with a shoulder problem she is finding ways to stay on track!

My week had its ups and downs (over indulgence on some days - plenty of exercise on others) so I am happy to report another weight loss of 3/4 of a pound which now sits me neatly on that stone mark.  I have another busy and out of routine week coming up and will not be able to weigh in next Wednesday but my goal for next week will be to report (hopefully on Thursday?) another small loss or a maintain.  This week, I AM going to take those natural slimming aid pills I keep talking about but never actually get round to so I am hoping that they will help me with my goal!!

I think one of the most pleasant aspects of losing a bit of weight and exercising more is I am regaining a more confident look ("my allure" as Stevie would say in episodes of Miranda!!)
I walk a little taller and I don't catch glimpses of myself and think "who the heck is that?" any more which is a whole nicer way to feel :)

I'd love to know what you are doing to make yourself feel good and any tips on getting healthier are all gratefully received!

Sunday 6 March 2016

Cloaked in Secrecy

I am doing something different today and sharing in some good news I had recently when I was lucky enough to be given the chance to pre-read T.F. Walsh's second book in her Wulfkin series.
This all happened through the Celebrate the Small Things linky (which T.F. is a member of) where she asked readers to fill in a form if they would like to participate.  I duly did so, kept my fingers crossed and lo and behold I was chosen as a reviewer reader :)

I decided I would set aside time to read her novel this weekend and write a review.  And then I began reading yesterday ... and I really couldn't put it down!  I had things to do in the morning so I rushed out and did those and then settled down to read a bit more..then I made some soup for lunch reading as I went along...kept sneaking out from my husband watching TV in the afternoon to curl up in the snug to read more and then cooked dinner ...still reading and managed to finish just before my son returned home in time for Mother's Day today.  I have now posted my review on Goodreads and am using their widget for the first time to include my review here:

Cloaked in SecrecyCloaked in Secrecy by T.F. Walsh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book should come with a warning - once picked up impossible to put down!
The fast pace, the twists and turns, the will they/won't they? make the reader dive headfirst into this great story. Told through the eyes of both lead characters I loved the difference in the voices and hence chapters throughout the novel. T.F. Walsh shows herself to be a master storyteller of this genre and I would totally recommend to lovers of such books.

View all my reviews

I have to say that it has been a bit of a peculiar experience somewhat akin to going to school with that slightly geeky kid Clark Kent and then finding out he really is Superman!  I post comments on T.F.'s blog and read her linky post knowing she is a published author but then I read her book and realise she is one hell of an author!!  She paints pictures in your head easily and assuredly and the action grips you and then as you race along with the book realising how everything comes together through the twists and turns you think how did she get that all into that size book?  I am in total awe of her talent.  Anyway enough said, but if you want to read something that combines adult content with a well written story then I thoroughly recommend this book just make sure you tell your loved ones you might be M.I.A. for some time as once started you're going to find it hard to put this book down!!  
If you want to read a bit more about the story line of this new book or maybe get involved with its release through a "thunderclap" event then head over to T.J.Walsh's website now and read her post

Saturday 5 March 2016

All the Silver Ladies!

I took part in this inspiring linky, hosted by Sara, last week and thought I'd go back for more again. If you're looking for a bit of writing creativity why not go and check it out?
Just click on the icon to be taken to the sign up linky page

I touch this lone strand of silver that has appeared in my hair,
This uninvited visitor
This interloper
Get thee gone
And I yank it out
And my life returns to normal

Today (years later) I look in the mirror
And more strands dotted here and there
glint silver in the morning air
I could pull and pull
But aging is inevitable

Instead these silver strands are my badges of defiance
I will not go quietly into old age
I will glory still in my mainly black mane
There is the option of dyeing… dying?
But I prefer my silver glints
To show my passing of time here
To show wisdom gained
To show the woman I have become and are becoming!

I welcome all thoughts and feedback so leave a comment below and I will get back to you :)

Friday 4 March 2016

Celebrate #10

How can it already be Friday?  I need another day in the week to pack in all the things I need to do BEFORE the weekend!  Oh well at least I can turn to Lexa Cain and the gang and ...
This week I am celebrating :)

1 - getting going with the garden this year and pulling those weeds and digging those roots out.  Of course there's loads more to do but at least I've made a good start and you can't say fairer than that!

2 - finally delivering some bike related goodies to a friend of mine in return for the wonderful Christmas knitted bunting she made me - I've had them for ages but somehow our paths hadn't crossed when I could actually pass them over.  Anyway she loved them and that's what counts!

3 - more good news on the community Nordic Walking project :)  I attended a meeting to talk about providing walks and got a very good reception from lots of different groups there and all this in front of the person who has to decide if I get the funding - so I think she should see that it would be popular!!  Fingers crossed.

Rather a short and sweet post but I have to rush off to cram in those other things before tomorrow so let me know what you've been up to this week and what have been your hi-lights?

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday #9

Well another weight loss to report thankfully - not quite 1 lb - but I'll take 3/4 lb rather than nothing!
Therefore I have gone from ___ 1 1/2    to ____ 3/4 so maybe next week I will break through that stone barrier - it seems to have been a long time coming.  Maybe another unfortunate part of getting older and trying to lose weight?  But on the bright side, although I caught the cold my husband had this week I was no way near as ill as he was and recovered much quicker (I'm still a bit sniffly but that's all) plus getting out in the garden to do some real heavy weeding and digging out enormous bramble roots and I certainly didn't feel the effects the next day so I know my body is in much better condition than it was last year!

I was going to try a natural weight loss tablet last week but due to catching a cold I decided not to so I might give that a go this week and see if I can shift any more weight despite knowing if my son comes home for the weekend then it is more than likely we will be going out for dinner and there will probably be cake indulgence.

There seem to be a few illnesses going around on other blogs too so it looks like this week I will just be joining in with Cheryl in France for a linky

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Currently March

Linking in for the first time this year over at:

for her Currently post where you just answer a few simple questions on one of her lovely posters :)
As it's the USA - polling is a BIG thing at the moment!!

Listening - The poor old school bus seems to be having more problems than normal making it up the hill today - maybe because it's rather icy out there or maybe there are more pupils on it now that school revision is gearing up for those important exams in May and June??

Loving - That my community based project to get more people exercising outdoors in their local parks via offering free Nordic Walking lessons is gathering pace.  I learnt that the local doctors will all be made aware of my idea and can then offer it to patients of theirs they feel might benefit from this plus met a lovely lady who can provide creche facilities very flexibly to help mums with young children to also take part - so it's all coming together :)

Thinking - I just need to create a logo for my project now that could be featured on leaflets and posters and possibly tabards - hmm get those creative juices flowing!!

Wanting - I really want a nice morning where I can get into the garden and finish off my mammoth weeding task of my vegetable plot so I will be actually ready to grow things this year.  I've done some already but now that my extra "Green" bin for garden waste has been delivered I really want to fill that up before collections start next week.

Needing - another DIY project is to get some little windows installed in the cellar in front of the grills now that it has dried out after the major structural work took place last year.  I could do with finding some in a skip!!

Polling sites - at my last school it too was used as a polling station/site each year but we had a teacher training day on the days that it was - mainly because as a small school we would not be able to function with people coming in and out of our main entrance and using our one and only hall. Now that I have moved to another county where there is a large abundance of village halls these seem to be used a lot more than local schools so the schools do not have that problem.  I would have thought in the states that sports halls, churches and other social sites would have made much better venues for polling - certainly given the levels of security schools face with guns being part of the American culture!

Now I'm off to see what other teachers are up to around the world :)