Wednesday, 16 April 2014

M is for MLD (Mild Learning Difficulties)

Sorry I was unable to post yesterday as no internet connection so I am making two posts to catch up - please forgive.

In the U.K. when a child is entered on to the special needs register the SENCO must put which need the child has: specific learning need, speech and language, behavioural or a learning difficulty either Mild, Moderate or Severe.  Designating the category of MLD is often what I am left with if I do not think the child’s need fits into any of the aforementioned categories but the definition states that MLD is for those children who have “significantly below-average general intellectual functioning”.  These children may experience difficulty with reading, writing and comprehension and have poor understanding of mathematical concepts. They are likely to struggle with both the content and presentation of their work and will need constant reinforcement.  Obviously the children I am putting on to the register and discussing issues with parents are falling behind their peers and struggling in class but do they really have a MLD?
My next problem is – what can be done to help them?  I have read so much and most is exactly what I try to do but it still doesn't move their learning on to catch up with their peers.  It is also extremely difficult to once again fit their learning styles and amount of repetition needed into a mainstream primary school although we are constantly told by the government that “Quality First Teaching” will solve all problems!!  I am hopefully attaching a link to a document about strategies that help for those who are looking for a check list but I have to say I still feel that the way in which these children are still expected to make the same progress and teachers are held accountable for this is ludicrous.  Surely if children make the same progress as their peers they do not have special educational needs!

A shorter post than normal and forgive any ravings (probably due to the anaesthetic I am pumped with after dental surgery earlier today!)  Any help or insights gladly received.
TpT resource for M is Measurement

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