Sunday 27 September 2015

Sock Sunday

Here is the photo of my unfinished socks that I began many months ago
and here is what they now look like after picking them up again for a bit of Sunday knitting ;)
Yes - I know I haven't finished the green sock yet but I have managed to do some!  I am now onto the decreasing for the toe and will hope to finish within the next 24 hours.
This pattern comes from Sally in Wales and can be found at Downsizer  I find it an easy and quick sock pattern when done in the chunky wool she suggests - these are taking a little longer as I am using double knitting wool instead!

This weekend other things obviously got in the way of me concentrating on knitting - things such as a full day's First Aid course on Saturday (run by a guy who was in the army - so I now know how to save lives under fire on a battlefield - not sure how much of this will be useful for leading my Walking For Health walks around a park? - but hey!!)  There was also the make the most of the good weekend weather and clean out those gutters before the deluge of autumnal leaves clog them up again!! As well as this:

Which I will bring everyone up to speed on during this week.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend - what did you get up to - or what got in the way?  I'd love to know :)


  1. I wish I could knit. I am fairly bad at it. I've only mastered a single stitch and managed a blanket but it was a sad blanket.

    The socks look cozy and comfortable. You accomplished a lot this weekend.

  2. Thanks, Kat - sometimes it just takes that little extra push to get going again :) I know your craft is your writing so I wouldn't be worried about not mastering knitting although I have found lots of knitting groups who are always filled with wonderful people who are quite willing to teach :)