Friday 29 April 2016

Y is for Yoghurt

Welcome to my posts for the A to Z Challenge 2016.
This year, I am posting 
Special School Stories
 tales from either my time as a teacher or teaching assistant within classrooms in the U.K. or from my own school days growing up around the country.

This is one of my pet hates in school whenever I do lunchtime duty!

Yoghurt in a squeezy tube
What idiot came up with this?
It’s dinner time and out they come
From lunch boxes to give to Miss

The children can’t tear off the strip
Without the yogurt squirting out
You can’t suggest they use their teeth
And so they struggle, so they shout

For help to undo, to tear, to rip
These awful yoghurt tubes of doom
So dinner ladies try in vain
And yoghurt flies around the room

Why can’t yoghurt stay in pots?
So much simpler, such less fuss
The idea was to remove the spoon
But yoghurt tubes just make me “cuss”!!

So now you can tell me your pet hates either about how food is wrapped these days or school lunches/lunch times - leave a comment below and let me know :)


  1. Even yogurt in a cup tends to spurt out, of course on my blouse. Juice boxes are another splash fest.

  2. I have never heard of yogurt in a tube. Fascinating!

  3. Thank goodness I went to school when greasy fries and burgers were still acceptable. Up with tater tots, down with yogurt! LOL!