Thursday, 25 August 2016

Apple Bobbing School Activities

As I said in my last post I am determined to get back to creating and designing some more products for my TpT store.  I have just posted two games/activities with an apple bobbing theme which should link in nicely with up-coming autumnal and back to school apple themes.

This is my first and is a selection of games and activities to help students with learning about "s" blend phonics such as sp, st, squ, sw etc.  I like children to have a variety of games so they don't get bored in their learning.  These beginning blends are so important in the next stage leading on from simple cvc words but they need plenty of practice and repetition.  I know, as a teacher, trying to find pictures to illustrate words is so very time-consuming so hopefully this packet will save hours of time as well as giving hours of activities for students in the classroom.

My next product will (fingers crossed) bring in some more comments and ratings to my site as I am trying something new and releasing this as a freebie with more parts to come once I have received ten feedbacks.  I'll see what happens!

Click on the buttons to be taken to the product shown.

One of my happy memories is of taking my class to another school for a special day of fun in the sun with lots of different games to do and some of my very "Fancy" girls - age 10 going on 21 if you know what I mean and normally without a hair out of place - apple bobbing with the best of them and getting totally soaked and their hair dripping and so much laughter.  So wonderful to see :)

Now it's your turn - are you an apple bobbing expert?  Do you keep your eyes on the prize or are your eyes tight shut and hope for the best?  When did you last have a go and when (if ever) do you think you'll be doing it again?


  1. I am a "keep my eye on the prize" kind of girl. Are you happy to be back in school??

  2. Sounds like fun ways for kids to learn. Great stuff

  3. We did a variation of apple bobbing which involved dangling doughnuts from a string. Very sticky!