Sunday 22 June 2014

Summertime Smiles

Well it's been a long time coming but the past few days have had a fair amount of sunshine and hot weather.  Just in time for the summer solstice and a particularly nice relaxing weekend taking in the delights of food festivals and morris dancing in the old medieval town we visited as a family (a rare event these days).

I know I posted sometime ago about how I find relaxing in my garden one of the best ways to unwind from the pressures of teaching (that and stroking cats) so I thought I'd post a few pictures taken over these last few sunny days to spread some serenity and summer smiles.

This is one of the entrances to my little wood.

Then this is the middle by the little stream.

I know it does look a bit like a jungle but it is so green and lush due to all the rainfall!!

Here is the view I love when I look up through the trees into the canopy.  The light is so energising :)

And finally one just to prove that it is not all just green in my garden.

Part of my more cared for garden (I will be doing more weeding now the sun is here).

And before I go I am letting you know about a great free resource being posted by a very talented teacher - Cara -  who has just started her new blog   Cara's Creative Playground

She has created a blank face frame two page document for children who are learning about emotions - that allows the teacher or child to draw in the faces.  Please click on the picture below to be taken to her webpage.  It is an excellent resource for children with autism or those suffering from abuse or neglect to help learn about expressing and owning emotions.
Have a lovely weekend (what's left of it) and make sure you recharge your batteries.  Tell me what you do to unwind - I'd love to know.


  1. Your wood looks brilliant :) Thanks for sharing your garden with us - I hope you've had a lovely Solstice and are ready for the rest of the term. Fil :)

  2. I thought you would like my little wood despite it being rather wild and overgrown :)

  3. The weather has been lovely recently, hasn't it? Of course I think our Scottish summer is over now, it's been a bit damp and drizzly since yesterday.

    I love the look of your little wood. I especially like the one looking up into the canopy, I love pictures that show things from a different angle to what you'd usually see. :-)

  4. Thanks for your comments, Click. I admire your photography a lot so it's really nice to know you liked my pics :)