Monday, 28 July 2014

Share The Love Cherry Bun Freebie

Today, I am linking up with Cara at Creative Playground to "share the love" and a little freebie.  If you want to join please click on Cara's button below.  I know I'm officially a day late but I know Cara won't mind!

My little freebie is a new take on the song Five Currant Buns - as very few children I know actually like currants but would be tempted by a nice icing covered cherry topped delicacy!  The cards help children learn about quantities visually whilst singing along and decreasing the amount of buns each time.  The song is typed out just in case you don't know/can't remember the words and there is a link for the tune and music. Who doesn't like a bit of singing in the classroom especially in a maths lesson?  To download simply click on the picture below.

Teaching children with special needs has made me very aware of how much music and songs helps learning in the classroom.  Children who cannot remember things normally I find can remember the entire song after just three repetitions, children who normally do not join in will happily stand at the front of the class and sing and those children who find school a difficult place get a big thumbs up from their teacher because of their ability to tunefully sing.  Even children who do not connect to the rest of the world and their classmates for much of the time I have seen smile and nod enthusiastically when the familiar music starts up in class of one of their favourite songs and they clap and sing along with their peers finding that connection - truly miraculous at times.  Over the years,  I have either made up lots of songs or borrowed teaching songs from others around the world and the children in my classes (as well as my assistants!) have all gone off into the world singing little ditties to help them remember facts and figures.  I am a true believer that music does help the world go round!

This post also gives me the opportunity to say a big thank you to Cara publicly as I entered a competition she ran and WON!!!!!  So I will be choosing some resources as my prize not only from Cara but from some other TpT contributors over the next few days.  I love Cara's clipart so I think I will be in heaven looking at all her wonderful packs and I'll be letting you know what I chose later on - please head over to her store and have a look yourself.

Let me know what clipart you'd choose for your next project?  Do you enjoy singing in class and if so what songs would you recommend?  Have you got a child with special needs for whom music and songs makes a big difference?  I'd love you to share your thoughts and comments :-)

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