Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Up-Hill Struggle on the A to Z Road Trip

I haven’t posted an update on my A-Z road trip recently so I thought I would share a few blogs I have come across that have all made me realise what some people are truly going through.  Although I have called this an Up Hill Struggle, for some I think they must be looking up at a mountain.  

I really do not think I would like to walk in their shoes not even for five minutes but their blogs can be uplifting and their struggles will no doubt resonate with others and help ease their paths or build in the feeling that they are not alone.  I warn you though a box of tissues might be needed if you decide to visit.

I have seen Inger’s thoughtful comments on several of the blogs I have visited during the Challenge and Road Trip so far so decided to check out her own blog.  Unfortunately, she is going through a very stressful part of her life at the moment which she is now courageously blogging about.  My thoughts are with her. Her theme for the A to Z challenge was Good Things and her photographs of where she lives are stunning.  My geography co-ordinator head was certainly engaged and excited! 

Although the blog title might lead you to think it is all about despair, Carol sees the light and laughter in many things.  Her A to Z Challenge theme was about her rescue dogs and I loved the many photos and videos she posted – some were particularly laugh out loud.

When I say I work with children who may have a mental illness what I mean is that it is so difficult to get early diagnosis and help unless parents, health services and schools work together to solve behaviour issues and find out what’s behind that outward show.  Some children are dealing with so much these days and they have need of counselling and support from such a young age (remember I work with children age 3-11).  So I am always interested in blogs that can throw some light on issues, interventions and support.  Read through the A-Z Challenge entries to find out more about mental health written by someone who is on a mission to make others understand.

And finally ...

My Road to Happiness blog charts Andrea’s search for greater happiness in her life by trying various ways of thinking and acting.  It’s a wonderful journey she takes you on that makes you stop and think about your own life and how you live it.  She says that she is struggling with a depressive default setting, however I found her posts uplifting and beautiful (I particularly liked the one about her bike called Etienne) and as she actually runs three blogs I am slightly in awe of her creativity and work ethic!!

My very best to all of these bloggers in overcoming their own adversities and for their bravery and guts to be blogging about them – they are enriching the lives of others and I am sure giving comfort to those who are also suffering.


  1. What a great selection of blogs to recommend. I'll have to check these out. :-)

    You've reminded me that I've neglected my A to Z Road Trip, I'll have to get back on that again at some point!

  2. I too don't think I have been visiting as many sites as I should however I have also found quite a few that signed up for the Road Trip who only posted a few times during April and I thought that wasn't really in the spirit of "The Challenge" !!!