Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Happy News on TpT, Currently & Day 2 Artistic Adventures!

I've had a very busy week so have not been checking my TpT account like I normally do and so I was delighted as well as rather surprised to see that I have now gained 101 followers!!  Last time I looked I had 97 so obviously this past week quite a few new teachers have found my site and have liked what they have seen. Therefore, I am feeling very happy that what I am doing is pleasing so many people they want to return and be advised when I post new stuff.  Which to be honest I haven't done much of since the A to Z Challenge.

So on that note I am combining today's post with
If you click on the picture below you will head over to the delightful Farley who runs this each month but this time she is trying to raise money this week to help the pet rescue centre that is dealing with the fallout from the recently devastated town of Wimberley in Texas: all those animals who have been found after the floods washed everything away and those pets whose owners have no where to stay at the moment because they have lost their homes.

Now I am going to show you my ICAD for the day - this time inspired by the word CARNIVAL & the use of inks for drawing & doodling :)

I love the Venetian Carnivals with their elegant ladies wearing this type of mask and I couldn't resist using my Italian ink purchased from one of those special shops in York - once upon a time :)
I need to show you another picture so you can see the shape of the bottle which is what I fell in love with!
Turquoise ink from Italy and purple ink from Winsor & Newton combined with an italic pen and a dipping in water of the card after the initial black outline of the mask.  It felt great playing about with it all and didn't take longer than ten minutes so if anyone is worried about having a go because they think it will take forever - it certainly doesn't have to!

Ditty for the Day - just didn't have time to really think about it too much today with lots of other things I had to do - more of those in a post later this week I think :)

Venetian completion
for your contemplation
Water & ink and squiggles galore
Wonder what tomorrow will have in store?

Love to know what you think about any of this - certainly any feedback on how to improve things is always welcome as you know :)


  1. Happy news on your TpT success. Also, great work with A to Z blogging- I participated last year and it was brutal. Kuddos to you for participating again this year.
    2 Smart Wenches

  2. Hi Martha - lovely to hear from you again and thanks for your kind words :)