Monday, 1 June 2015

Where Do I Begin?

Have I bitten off more than I can chew?  My waking thought today was - how many things have I signed up for during June and how will I be able to fit them all in?  But then as I began to sort through in my mind I realised that with so many things in life there is overlap and so I will combine my Creative Monday post
with my first Index Card art activity

 and then decide whether a poem is inspired by the ICAD or Scavenger Hunt photo theme

I always tell my students to read the instructions - it makes things so much more simpler so you'd think I might do the same but NO - in I go feet first and have looked at the ICAD posted by DaisyYellow

and think today's prompt must be LOVE and suddenly I have inspiration overload and go rushing off and very quickly produce the index card art piece below:

However, later on I go back to read further on Daisy's website that she will post themes and prompts every Friday so I back track to that blog post ad see that today's prompt is the word CHEVRON & the theme is DRAWING & DOODLING - not collage and love then!!!!  Back to the drawing board I go! Although this event has allowed me to see the poem/ditty I should write for today.

Sometimes I feel I am too cautious
Too may hesitations and not enough risks
So why do I find myself plunging then downwards
Without a parachute into the abyss?

Maybe there's a reason for taking things slowly 
Careful deliberation and thinking things through? 
So why don't I listen to this inner wisdom
Instead of keep ending up right in the p**!

Which just goes to show that all clouds have a silver lining :)

OK - Here is my official ICAD #1

When I was a child I loved the simple clear pictures of heraldic shields so a chevron meant this type of symbol to me and as I love dragons obviously one to hold the shield up.  I have DRAWN them and then added a few doodles around the other side of the shield so all in all I feel I have fulfilled the brief.

So now I feel my "work" is done for today and I can spend my time catching up with reading some of the many blog posts you have been doing over the past few days after my hectic but very successful family get together this weekend :)

Let me know what you think. What might you have done for Chevron?  Have you ever jumped the gun and how did things turn out?  Have you ever wished you'd taken that risk but were too unsure at the time?  Got any tips on how to make my poem better?


  1. Oh I love the challenges you are doing! The chevron is a great interpretation!x

  2. Thank you, Kezzie - it's lovely to be able to indulge myself in creating art simply for pleasure rather than an aid to teaching :) Are you doing the 30 day wild challenge?

  3. would not change anything in the poem. Great word choices and I like the humor at the end. You captured it all perfectly. And your illustration cards are fun. You had a very crafty Monday. Enjoy the rest of the week

    1. Thank you, Joanne and I'm smiling from ear to ear to hear that you like the poem - that means a lot seeing as poetry is your specialist field :)