Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Pirates Ahoy!

This is my ICAD #3 - inspired by Draw a Map
As you can hopefully see it's meant to be a pirate's treasure map and I have ripped and then burnt around the edges and middle with a match - I used to so love doing this as a child making "old" treasure maps and rolling the paper up into a tube!

Because I was thinking of this my poem for the day is as follows:

Playing Pirates

Mother tipped the dining table over
As my brother and I stood and stared
“A pirate ship – now pack belongings”
We scampered off things to prepare.

We got provisions, biscuits, water,
some string, our swords and teddy too
Then we were off – “Set sail me hearties!”
Our make believe would see us through

All day we sailed and saw such wonders,
Mermaids, sharks and ships galore
And being pirates challenged others
Plundering treasure with a cannon’s roar

Lots of sword fights, squawking parrots
We made our enemies walk the plank
Drawing treasure maps, avoiding sharks
Yo Ho Ho with the “rum” we drank

Then Dad came home and time for dinner
Our ship once again a place to eat
And sitting there around the table
We told him about our Pirate Day treat!

I have various products in my TpT store that are pirate based including a few freebies so if you're interested in pirates be sure to check them out by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog page :)

What was one of your favourite make-believe games when you were a child?  Or what do your children/grandchildren like to pretend these days?  I'd love to know :)


  1. I love your poem. What a cool mom, “Mother tipped the dining table over”
    My grandkids are heavily influenced by games on their various electronic devices.
    I suppose they are entering into their own imagery when transfixed by flying pixels.
    But, “ahoy matey” and treasure maps are still a favorite.

    1. Thank you LyndaGrace - I think mums tend to be forgotten on the fun part with all the chores they do & normally people think it's the dads who do this type of thing!!

  2. great poem - you captured the joy of being a pirate. I remember doing that as a kid. I also remember playing zombies. This post made me smile

    1. I think today Zombies are even more popular than pirates!!

  3. Love the poem. I used to throw a blanket over the dining table and the kids played in it all day as their hide-out. Many good memories there!

    1. Thank you , Paula and yes a blanket is such a useful make-believe tool. It's lovely we can all share these happy memories and they resonate across the world!

  4. I loved your poem. I never played pirates as a child, but I would have a tent made for me out of two dining room chairs with a sheet over them. I can still remember what it felt like to lie in there reading or drawing.

    Oh and I loved to make maps for things. I'd invent whole islands and spend ages coming up with places and names on them. I'd still do that now if I had the time.