Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday #10

Here I am again linking up with:
where Kate is sharing what has worked for her so successfully over the last two weeks :)

Cheryl over at Madhouse Family who tells it as it is (which is why I love her posts SO much!!)

Sim is giving Beth a rest this week and is hosting this linky party - even with a shoulder problem she is finding ways to stay on track!

My week had its ups and downs (over indulgence on some days - plenty of exercise on others) so I am happy to report another weight loss of 3/4 of a pound which now sits me neatly on that stone mark.  I have another busy and out of routine week coming up and will not be able to weigh in next Wednesday but my goal for next week will be to report (hopefully on Thursday?) another small loss or a maintain.  This week, I AM going to take those natural slimming aid pills I keep talking about but never actually get round to so I am hoping that they will help me with my goal!!

I think one of the most pleasant aspects of losing a bit of weight and exercising more is I am regaining a more confident look ("my allure" as Stevie would say in episodes of Miranda!!)
I walk a little taller and I don't catch glimpses of myself and think "who the heck is that?" any more which is a whole nicer way to feel :)

I'd love to know what you are doing to make yourself feel good and any tips on getting healthier are all gratefully received!


  1. Thanks Paula - I must come and see how your 30 Days is going and what you've been eating for it?

  2. It's fabulous to hear you sounding so upbeat and positive. Just goes to show, all the little losses add up to make big changes :)

    1. Once more you sum it up exactly in that last sentence - little losses adding up to big changes!! Thank you, Cheryl :)

  3. Well done on your loss! I know what you mean about regaining your allure, I found that myself, I feel more confident in myself than I did.
    Hope next week goes to plan!

  4. Thank you, Mrs Teepot - judging by your most recent photo I can see that confidence too :)