Wednesday 1 June 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday #16

Linking up with Sim over at:
who is talking about incentives this week.

As you know, my incentive is to lose half a stone before being captured on film talking about my Nordic walking experiences in two weeks time.  Well my update is that I have lost a little more - now down to ___ 12 but this still means I need to be looking at a 2 1/2 lb loss for the next two weeks!! This week was slightly hampered by going to an absolutely marvelous 60th birthday party of one of our neighbours who also provided us with LOTS of left over party food including the most scrumptious cupcakes!!  The better news is I have lost another inch off my thighs this week - probably again due to five hourly sessions of exercise during the past seven days.  I noticed this difference when I came to zip up my waterproof jacket and discovered I could do it with ease!!

Sim talks about using clothes as an incentive for weight loss and I do have a pair of jeans that I hope to be getting in to before the end of June.  Another weight loss blogger, Mrs Teapot has also been vlogging and blogging about stashes of old clothes - which did make me think maybe I should sort out some of my old summer clothes (stored up in the attic) that I might want to try to fit back into this summer.  So my question this week is - do you have a piece of clothing you have kept that you would like to fit back into and what is its story?  Leave a comment below and I'll be sure to get back to you :)


  1. I use my jeans as a reference point. Also it was a relief to put on my shorts the other day without issue. Now if you hear a scream from Texas it means I put on a swimsuit. Yikes. Could be scary. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Ha ha - no I can't hear a scream, Joanne - thanks for the support and the laughs :)

  3. I do have an old pair of jeans I'd like to get back into. Good luck with your efforts!