Wednesday 29 June 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday #18

This past month, what with the weather, I have been curtailed in my Nordic walking pursuits and this week I have been mainly being ill!!  So I think it is time to reassess what I want to get out of July and draw a line under the past month and move on!

I know I would feel much better before going off on holiday in August to hot places if I could shed another half stone (at least) and I know that I need to be eating the correct foods to achieve this.  In order to do this and keep eating sensibly I am going to PUBLISH my food diary each week during July - even now as I type I am wondering what I have let myself in for?  I think knowing I will be accountable and "judged" by others should help to keep me on the straight and narrow as sheer will power doesn't seem to be working at the moment!!

Joining in with Sim over at:
I'd love to know what things you're going to be doing during July to maintain or begin a healthier lifestyle so leave a comment below :)


  1. You're incredibly brave committing to posting your food journals - but it's a great idea - good luck with it.
    I'm constantly trying to get back into walking or doing some exercise, so July is the month to get back into some sort of routine.

  2. That is a brave proposal. I am very bad about eating unhealthy food, especially when I'm watching TV and the rest of the family is asleep. It just calls to me--come on, no one will ever know! Funny thing: my kid bought a little box of Junior Mints. I got into them one night, but justified it by thinking I could just buy another box the next day and she would never know. Five boxes later . . . well, I wish that darn kid would just ask for her Junior Mints already!

  3. Sounds like you have a mission and I bet you stick to it I think it is easier in the summer. Fresh fruits and veggies plus more time outdoors. Take care. Slow and steady

  4. Looking forward to reading about your progress. I too struggle with weight control, so I bought a Fitbit, which is linked to my computer. It's very motivational. Also have the type of body scales that takes various measures - also linked to the computer. (I'm a Nordic Walker too - fair weather only!)

  5. You are inspiring me! This past year was so stressful and that means I ate way too much. I hope to get back on track with "normal" this summer. I'll stop by in July and see how you're doing and get some trips. For me, exercise is a stationary recumbent bike. Good on the knees and you can read as you go! I have no excuse for not exercising! See you soon. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom