Friday, 20 January 2017

Celebrate #1 2017

I feel I've been gone for ages - that's how life can be and I'm sure everyone else feels the same with the run up and then aftermath of the festive season!  But it's good to be back and ready to catch up with all of you celebrating this past week.

A big thank you to Lexa, as always, for hosting this wonderful get-together :)  Why not jump on board and join the merry gang?

This week I am celebrating:

No 1.  Having time to return here!!!!!  It feels so good to be back and I have missed having time to be on-line "chatting" with my good friends and reading about what's happening in their many and varied worlds.  Here's to having at least a weekly round up again :)

No 2.  Getting back to normal after departure of DD. It was lovely having the kids back for Christmas but your life becomes not your own again!  My nordic walking groups are back up and running with new members joining for the new year and getting back to regular exercise is also what I've been craving - I need to shed those extra pounds that went on through eating far too much good food - or not so good food!!!

No 3. Sorting out my large linen chest and giving away bed sets we no longer have need of.  Now there is space for everything and the lid closes properly!!  Also the animal rescue charity should benefit either from selling them on or using them for the animals themselves.  A win - win situation.

I'm off to yoga now - first time this year too so I know I'll be wobbly - fingers crossed I don't fall over :)  Have a lovely week and looking forward to catching up.


  1. How great that you got to spend a great holiday! But it's always nice to have things relax back to normal, too. So nice that you gave the linens to the animal shelter and that you're getting new Nordic walking joiners. Have a great weekend!

  2. Glad to hear your holidays were so nice. I'm sure the animal shelter appreciates your donation too. Have fun with yoga and Nordic walking!

  3. --- and relax! I hope you enjoyed the yoga.

  4. Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a good Christmas and that you're getting back to normal again now. Well done on having a clear out too, that's something I need to get on with!

    1. Yes and this week I have also sorted out some BOOKS to go to the charity shops - and you know how hard that is for me!! Thanks for stopping by, Click :)

  5. I desperately need to go through my house and purge it of all the stuff we don't use. Too many closets and drawers are so stuffed that we've ignored them for years. It'll be like a treasure hunt, right?

  6. Spring cleaning will come to my house ion a couple months. Yoga rocks! Enjoy yourself.