Thursday, 19 June 2014

Inspirational Thursday

The Teaching Tribune is asking teachers to contribute inspirational or funny quotes as teaching tips.  So here's my own contribution mainly because I have always taken risks in life and have had to face the wrath of others despite the benefits to my students (well once they've got over the shock that something exploded, they got soaked, something got burnt, they got lost etc etc - but let's remember no-one got hurt and they all have memories to last lifetimes or maybe memories to be worked through with therapists later!!)

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Let me know what inspires you in your line of work or what your teachers did that helped inspire you to become the person you are today?


  1. I'm sure they have great memories of your classes - they sound like fun :)

    My first lesson on my first day at grammar school was French ... when we walked into the classroom, the teacher only spoke French to us ... she was a fierce woman and most of the school dreaded her, but from the first word she spoke I fell in love with the language and never missed one of her classes. Thanks Miss Tannian :)

    1. Sounds like rather an awe-inspiring teacher. It's wonderful that she unlocked other languages for you and gave you this love for them. It must be lovely to indulge your passion when you are touring around Europe as well as very useful :)

  2. Great advice- especially for teachers who get a little stuck in their ways! Taking risks can result in learning for all!

  3. This is definitely a sound quote. If you're not brave enough to show your students you're willing to take risks, how can you expect them to take risks themselves. :-)