Saturday, 2 August 2014

Back to School - Say What????

Well here I am having just broken up from school and I'm taking part in a back to school freebie linky - how bizarre is that?  However, as they say there is no rest for the wicked busy - so here is my offering.  I have put it as a freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers as I am also hoping I may grow a few more followers and hopefully get some feedback from those of you who decide to download.  Please click on the button below to go straight to my store :-)
Sorting exercises are a good idea especially at the beginning of term as they allow teachers the ability to eavesdrop on the conversations children have as they work through these type of activities.  Teachers can also watch and ask questions as to why a child might have sorted something in a particular way (there is no better brain than that of a five year old child who can think of things and ways we mere adults could never even have dreamed of in a month of Sundays!!)  I have often learnt much more about my students abilities by observing and listening in than I would have if I had given them a paper and pencil exercise - the lack of social skills or intransigence for some of our more intelligent students can also be detected using this method as can the evidence for a possible dyslexic student as their reasoning skills and language ability may often shine during these exercises compared to what they would show in normal class.

Remember there are a lot of other freebies out there to collect for your back to school folder so click on the link below to head over to Teacher's Take Out who is hosting this super linky with a big deserving thank you!

Let me know what you are wishing for as you head back to school (new resources, colour schemes and themes for your classroom (cupboard under the stairs!!), children's study guides and learning journeys) or like me off on your summer holiday and travels (new holiday wardrobe, good weather, new recipes, new sites to visit etc)?

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