Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Blog Hopping & Give-Away Fun

Having had the amazing experience of actually winning an on-line competition for teaching stuff courtesy of  Cara's Creative Playground

I am participating in two current blog hops as well as a give-away which I thought I would share with you.  I know most teachers fund things for their classrooms from their own pocket
so getting the chance to win something instead makes a pleasant change!
First the give-away hosted by Amanda Madden over at 
Teaching Maddeness
which is actually the chance to win things for oneself instead of for one's class - unbelievable right?

Next head over to begin the blog hop hosted by The Teaching Tribune by clicking on the button below - you have to find various hidden things but the prize of a TpT $50 voucher is really worth having!

and when you've finished bouncing all over the blogosphere with that one check out the blog hop going on over at Lesson Delicatessen where you get to find out great teaching tips for B2S as well as stand the chance of picking up a whole host of teaching goodies.  I came across this blog hop due to my bloglovin' updates from a special needs blogger Little Room Under the Stairs
In this post, I am also trying out HTML text again and seeing if this will work within my blog post so bear with me if it doesn't!  Fingers crossed :-\
Update - although not perfect - I have been able to get people's blog buttons to work and get a link established to a typed name using the HTML code so hurray!!  I figured out I had to change the options in my side bar post settings from showing HTML literally to interpreting - amazing what this little difference makes :-)  Now I'm off to do more blog hopping and win myself some prizes - how about you?

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