Tuesday, 14 April 2015

L is for Little & often, Laughter & Lace

Just to let everyone know that unfortunately over this next week I will probably be unable to reply to comments left on my blog posts until next Sunday.  I do hope that this won't stop you from responding.  I have been visiting many more than 10 blogs a day average to overcompensate for this upcoming difficult week so hope you can forgive me for not partaking on a daily basis over this particular week.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that my posts which I have pre-scheduled arrive on the site on the appropriate days.  Wishing everyone a happy A to Z Challenge week :)

Little and Often - should be a motto in the special needs classroom.  Lots of children need to keep practising things to retain and learn but they can't be expected to remain focused for a long time so by doing things in short bursts but returning to them frequently remains a far better way to teach and for children to retain information :)

Laughter - I have come across many children who will become the class clown to avoid showing that they are having trouble learning.  This doesn't mean they have to be subdued in their role of bringing fun to their classmates but it is far better to tackle their issues and get them on to your side to help with the fun you bring into the classroom.  I love having a laugh and joke when learning and find some of the books in literacy that are geared to raising a smile have a great effect on wanting to be read again and again.  This is why Dr. Seuss is such a firm favourite the world over :)  
                            What funny story can you remember from your childhood?

Lace - although I love admiring the work of others and remember fondly attending the trieniall lace guild exhibition, I just can't see myself getting in to this craft.  
The Lace Guild Honniton Shawl

I find the number of bobbins you need daunting to begin with and I just don't know where I could guarantee it wouldn't get touched as it has to be left out (unlike many of my crafts which can be packed away in a bag at the end of the session).
I could see myself collecting lace bobbins - especially the ones with the beads!
                                   What hobby have you thought of but decided against?

L is for length for today's freebie.  Comparing the length of pencils is a good way for children to learn about shorter and longer than.

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