Friday, 24 April 2015

U is for Unfair, Uncomplicated and Unpicking

Almost there but now we are on to some of the trickier letter of the A to Z Challenge!

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First - my little April Shower numbers - although it has to be said that April has been a lovely month so far!!

I am currently undertaking the A to Z Challenge so I have been busy again this week :)

Unfair- I often hear this from children "It's so unfair" or "It's not fair" when something happens they don't agree with.  I really like this quote:

So this is what I explain to the children - if someone has something someone else wants - would that person want EVERYTHING that someone had e.g. same hair, same lunch, same mum? because that would make it fair getting everything the same - children do stop & think and once again I am so pleased to report that even young children soon learn that unfair does not exist because there is always a reason in MY class why we do not have the same as everyone else and therefore we are FAIR to everyone!!

Uncomplicated - I will hold my hands up and say that I often have to think hard on how I will explain something because often what we as teachers take for granted can be too complicated for some children to take in.  Trying to teach in an uncomplicated manner is difficult at times but we need to try to rethink how others might perceive what we've said and how they might get the wrong message or not understand it.  Seeing these problems before they happen is something we get more familiar with the longer we teach but we always need to be aware that some children may be struggling with a concept because we have not been uncomplicated enough!

Unpicking - I know this seems to be the opposite of crafting something but as many will attest when something goes wrong with your sewing, embroidery, knitting etc then finding ways to undo the things you have just done is a craft in itself!!

A stitch ripper is a very useful piece of kit
I find when dealing with problems caused by sewing machines - e.g. when I managed to sew three layers of material together when making curtains!!!  Sewing machine stitches are quite solid and tight to the stitch ripper allows the thread to be cut far easier than with a pair of scissors.

Using a bodkin needle is also something I turn to when unpicking wrong stitches on tapestry, cross-stitch or embroidery mainly because I sometimes find an ordinary needle will unfortunately tear the thread whereas a bodkins rounded tip does far less damage :)

With knitting I'm afraid I have no special tips - it's just take it carefully back to the mistake and then try to pick up all the stitches carefully back onto your needles!

What helpful hints do you have when things go wrong in your craft world?

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April is a busy month this year with very special birthdays for both my dad and my son :)  I was going to make both of their cards but ran out of time before my dad's - I might still be able to for No. 1 son before the post on Monday?

St George's Day yesterday so lots of red & white flags and stories of dragons - hurray!!


  1. Good morning Tempi :)
    I love your definition of Unfair - there's so much seems unfair in our world, but you're right, we wouldn't want everything that someone else has.
    I saw a great tip recently for knitting with fine wools - every inch or so, thread a piece of spare, different coloured, wool right along the whole row. that way, if you make a mistake and find it hard to knit back, or pick back, then you have a whole row there ready to pick up.
    Have a great weekend and belated Happy St George's Day :)
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

    1. Oh what a good tip, Fil because fine wools really are difficult to ensure you have picked up each stitch. Thanks for your wise words!

  2. OH my goodness, I love this letter challenge you are doing! And each one is so thorough! :) Thank you for all of the great ideas!

    1. So pleased you came over, Carolyn - you know you are such a big inspiration to me and I truly love your blog :)

  3. I love your fairness quote! I've often said a version of that to my children.


    1. I think most parents hear the wail from time to time about how unfair everything is for their children :)

  4. I'm going to jump on band wagon of liking your way of explaining unfair/fair!

    You've also reminded me that I actually own a stitch unpicker, I think it came with one of those hand held sewing machine gadgets, I did use it to hem a wall hanging and a make a set of 4 cushions but it hasn't seen much use since... I used to use that iron on tape as a cheat when I was making skirts and taking up work trousers to fit and decided I needed to tackle hems but I hate hand sewing them!!

    Curling Stones for Lego People

    1. I didn't realise you could get iron on tape to do the hems on trousers - when I think how many of those I've hand sewn over the years!!

  5. You've really gone to town with this challenge, choosing several words for each letter.

    I agree with everything you said about unfair, and yet I think my treatment at school was unfair. In my day, quiet children received less attention than noisy ones, and I think that was unfair. I'm not sure if that has improved at all over the years. ~Miriam

    1. Yes, I am afraid that some shy children do get over looked in a busy classroom but that is why it is so important that teachers are given time to provide more individual attention so that those that are shy are given a voice - I have seen many blossom if this is done correctly and many a parent rejoice because their "whole" child has been understood :)

  6. I love your mix of special education teaching and sewing for this blog - sounds like my life! As an OT I have the greatest respect for amazing special needs teachers like you - I only have the students for an hour at a time, and that can be too much sometimes! :)

    1. I did reply to your comment Roslyn - but it seems to have disappeared! I was saying I know what a fantastic job OTs do and I was impressed that you not only run Fangirl Stitches (which is mentioned in so many blogs!!) but that you also have this as your profession :)