Wednesday, 15 April 2015

M is for Mnemonics, Movement and Mohair

Just to continue to remind everyone  that unfortunately over this next week I will probably be unable to reply to comments left on my blog posts until next Sunday.  I do hope that this won't stop you from responding.  I have been visiting many more than 10 blogs a day average to overcompensate for this upcoming difficult week so hope you can forgive me for not partaking on a daily basis over this particular week.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that my posts which I have pre-scheduled arrive on the site on the appropriate days.  Wishing everyone a happy A to Z Challenge week :)

M is for Mnemonics - most of you will have used mnemonics to remember spellings such as Big Elephants Can't Always Understand Small Elephants spells BECAUSE using the initial letter of each word.  Some will remember using Every Good Boy Deserves Favour - to recall the notes of the treble clef stave.  They an be very useful for some children but for others it is difficult to recall the words in the correct order for it to be effective.
Which mnemonics do you use to recall things?

M is for Movement - I have talked about kinaesthetics in a previous post and how dance can enable children to recall things because they are repeating body movements which unlock the sequence.  Movement in the classroom is a helpful tool as some children do find it very difficult to sit still. Getting children to stand and sit for certain parts of learning times tables, moving around the room to find information or go to the next activity, playing maths games that encourage whole body movements - these are all ways to help children in their learning :) 

M is for Mohair - this wool is incredibly light and makes sumptuous garments.  It is often combined with other fibres to strenghthen it and for some people large amounts of mohair can be incredibly itchy!!  I have knitted bolero tops for myself and as gifts to others in mohair such as the one pictured below:

 and my latest knit was with this ball of mohair blend
that I turned into a headband - voila!!
Have you used mohair in your craft projects?

Freebie for M is Monsters!!
You can download this easy text to read that features some colourful monsters.  The book uses American English but you can go to my TpT store and download the UK version if you would prefer :)

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