Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Winter Wellies

Here's a little freebie once more on the theme of winter.  This time I was thinking about those mornings when the children all come in wearing their wellies and hopefully with a peg to clip them together in the cloakroom so they are not "lost" when it comes to breaktime (recess).

All children like pegging things on the clothes lines we often use in a classroom - either number ordering, sentence construction, punctuation etc so either you could use a piece of elastic as your line for each child to put around their chair back and peg their phonic boot pairs to it or just get them to simply peg the correct boots together and hold up for you to see.

The thinking behind this little resource is that children need repetition for blends and at the beginning of teaching it can all be a bit rushed and over-whelming for some.  By having colour-coded boots, this helps build in more correct answers to begin with and the physicality of actually finding, touching and pegging the correct wellies together will also help with memorising the two letters needed.

The welly clipart comes from a pack with textured spring flowers I made for my TpT store -

Click on the welly button to go to the downloadable document and let your students have fun!

If you have any other tips on helping children learn blends during their phonic lessons please let me know in the comments box or if you have any memories of wearing your wellies to school it'd be nice to hear :)

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