Monday, 15 February 2016

Celebrate & Creative Monday combined

Well ... as I was out on Friday and the weekend I was too busy celebrating to write my Celebrate post  - but better late than never as they say and I'll be catching up with everyone else's later on throughout the week :)

Thanks to Lexa and her co-hosts - just click on the button below to join in :)

This week I am celebrating:

FINALLY finishing the knitted windcheater I have been making for my dad since last year.  It's a long time since I knitted something in an adult size and so there was a LOT of knitting to do as well as all the sewing up afterwards and for the first time putting in a zip to a knitted garment by hand - thank goodness for youtube videos!!

As it is 100% wool, it should at least keep him really warm if the temperature drops and knitted in double rib it can stretch to accommodate lots of other layers underneath if needs be :)  Hubby & I were visiting my parents this weekend so I was able to drop it off just before the snow came!

On Friday, the two of us (Hubs & I) went to see an act taking part in the nearby city's Comedy Festival which was entertaining :) and then we had a meal afterwards downstairs in the Indian restaurant which was unlike any Indian meal we'd ever had.  Very tasty and aromatic but not spicy - yipee and with amazing bread/pancake like things.  I had to abandon the healthy eating for one night as we had this as our Valentine's treat :)  It was so lovely doing something different, somewhere different and experiencing new tastes as well - couldn't have been any better!

I'm also celebrating taking on a new role as the diary and events manager of a free local paper's website - a voluntary position obviously - but it gives me a feeling of serving my community and now everyone can have up to date news of what's going on and where!  I can also promote my Walking for Health walks - so everyone's a winner!!

As the title of my post suggests, I am also linking up with Claire Justine's wonderful
where she is celebrating wonderful Valentine makes :)

so that I can post my other little make -
a mini Valentine heart rug!

Hope everyone has a lovely and special week :)  What have you made recently?


  1. The sweater is gorgeous. And I'll bet it will be so warm. I also love the little rug!!

  2. Thank you Paula for your kind comments :)