Monday, 29 February 2016

Creative Monday Extra Day!

Joining in with ClaireJustine :)

Just a little post - celebrating a day that comes around but once every four years!  Happy Birthday to all those who have had to wait so long for a celebration on their actual special day and good luck to all those ladies who have used this day to propose to their loved one!

My creative juices this week came up with a necessary item for our downstairs loo as unfortunately Kittycat has suddenly decided she must use this room as her place to wee and that is on the carpet rather than in the actual toilet (we once had a cat who did wee in the loo itself balancing very carefully)!  I think the problem may be that my darling hubby has been ill and has used the loo a lot and because she absolutely adores him she may think this is where she needs to show solidarity!! The main problem for us now is how to keep her out of there when unfortunately the door doesn't stay shut (remember our house is old and the door and doorframe have warped) so we decided it might be a good idea to get some orange based room deodouriser as oranges are the only thing she will not attempt to eat and orange peel in the garden is often used as a natural cat repellent. Off I duly went to the shops only to find orange or citrus smellies are not in vogue and everything was either "Spring Flowers", vanilla or "Cotton Fresh" so I suddenly had an idea and made a pomander!
A small orange wrapped around with two pieces of ribbon pinned in place to keep secure and then with a sharp knife prick some tiny holes in the orange peel and poke in some fresh cloves.  It reminded me of when I used to be a teaching assistant in my first school and helped make these with the children as part of Christingle :)  It took only a matter of minutes to make but the scent is lovely to us yet the kitten is not so keen so hopefully this will put her off going in there.  I have rigged up a somewhat Heath Robinson contraption with string and rubber bands to also try to keep the door pulled shut and so far this all appears to have worked and there have been no more small, damp patches appearing on the carpet!

What have you been up to on this extra day of the year?  What DIY project have you had to resort to?  What was the last thing you made with an orange?  You can leave your answers below :)


  1. Creative solutions to an unpleasant problem!

    1. Yes unfortunately sometimes necessity is the Mother of Invention!!