Saturday, 6 May 2017

Celebrate #10

Joining in with the Celebrate Crew, led by Lexa Cain with her co-hosts Tonja Drecker and L G Keltner , where we pause to think of those little things in life that gave us pleasure this week. Press the button below to join in too :)

The big thing for me this week was to complete the A-Z Challenge and get my survivor badge (see below). I'll be posting my review of it all on Monday but I would like to say here I had a good time and felt it worked out well for me despite my initial reservations!

More reasons to "Celebrate" this week came from a thought posted by Paula of Smidgens, Snippets and Bits in response to this week's Hodge Podge -
which inspired me to go and create this for my hall lighting which I've been meaning to get round to for a couple of months now!
It really was just finding a few long suitable branches from the garden and twisting round some tiny Christmas lights I'd bought in the January sales so cost = £2.50.  The long tall woven vase with the rushes in has stood in the hallway for ages and I've never really liked it but it does hide a hole in the skirting board!  This way it can provide some lighting for the upper part of the hallway when crossing between sitting room and kitchen or going to the loo and I don't have to have the three hallway lights on wasting so much energy!!

Once again the weather this week has brought some wonderful sunshine and I am truly grateful for the ability to get out and about in it either mowing the grass and gardening or Nordic walking with others.  When I look back, just over two years ago, to when I was "working" I'd spend most of my life indoors!

I hope everyone else has had those little reasons to celebrate and am looking forward to visiting many of you who, during April, I did not have chance to :)  Please let me know what has brought a happy smile to your face this week?


  1. Loved the post, I too celebrated the completion of the A to Z. despite my reservations at the onset.
    Enjoy your Sunday, may it be happy and peaceful.

  2. Huge congrats on completing the challenge... geez, I keep telling myself that one year I will participate, but that would mean discovering that a secret 8th day existed in a week LOL

  3. I love the pretty lights in the hall! So sweet and perfect for a night light. (We have a fake stained glass one over the kitchen "bar" for a night light. Best thing I ever put in.) I hope your weather continues to be good and congrats on finishing the A-Z!

  4. Congratulations on getting through A-Z! That's quite the feat. The lights are so pretty and it's a great idea. Enjoy the sunshine!