Tuesday, 2 May 2017

I have a Theam (Theme) !!!

During the A-Z Challenge this year, probably about Day 2, I actually realised there was a really good theme I could do.  Obviously, far too late for me to change with my seat of the pants direction the 2017 Challenge had ordained for me but a possible one for 2018!  For me this is all a bit weird because my mantra is "go with the flow" so to be one step ahead is a bit of a novel experience.  Now of course comes the rather harder part because I will need to do research and work on these 2018 posts and I certainly haven't had to do much of that before because all my Challenges have been based on personal experience and knowledge.  So my question this morning is ... Have you ever done a researched A-Z and what was it like to do?  Just how long do those amazing researched posts take to do and are there any tips/hacks out there for me?

Cheers to everyone who became a survivor on this year's Challenge or at least had a go at it in it's new format :)


  1. Certainly a good theme for next year. It was great reading your post through 2017 Challenge. They made awesome reading.


  2. My theme was pretty simple,I didn't do much research for it.And also i have a few themes in mind for next year

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  3. As long as you have fun with it that is the goal. Nice to have a year to plan!!

  4. I actually like the research bit :) so I go with a theme every year. My top tip for any theme is to check first if posts for Q and X and the last letters can be done. You don't want to put in work for the other letters and then have to abandon ship because there's nothing that fits Q or Z or whatever.

    Have fun!

  5. I also like the research and spend a lot of time researching all of the time. To do a post, I probably spent 6 or more hours on the research. I didn't do it all at once though. I had done some of the research for most of my posts earlier and then finished up and wrote it the day that letter appeared. I always plan to finish all of them earlier, but so far have not.
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  6. My daughter wants me to do the same theme for next year LOL While I didn't require "research", I did spend an awful lot of time on Pinterest looking for pictures. That was a time suck, especially when you're looking at so much eye candy! ;)

    1. Oh you poor, poor thing, you!! But I agree with your daughter - more of the same please :)