Saturday 27 May 2017

Celebrate #13

Hosted by Lexa Cain and her co-hosts Tonja Drecker and L.G. Keltner
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Events of this week, here in the UK, make us all reflect on why we should pause to give thanks for the small things in life we can celebrate in times of sadness.

This week I am celebrating that there is a coming Bank Holiday which will give an extra day for Hubby and I to get some things done around the house and garden!  I'm not sure he'd be celebrating if he knew that's what I have planned!!

I'm also celebrating learning a new knitting technique which is allowing me to use up odd balls of wool I've had for ages and hopefully make an item I can wear and enjoy wearing.

Finally, and most importantly, I am celebrating that my family members (although scattered across the UK) are safe and well.

Looking forward to reading everyone else's reasons to be cheerful this week :)


  1. Hi Senco - enjoy the weekend ... thankfully there are always things to celebrate and out of darkness can come light. Good luck with all things - Hilary

  2. Enjoy the Bank Holiday Senco, Did you get thunder on Ffiday night? we in Bournemouth did.
    Hope the knitting goes well.


  3. It's been such a sad week - you're right, we definitely need to be grateful for the small things - I'm just finishing up a song about that. Looking forward to seeing what you're knitting - enjoy the rest of the weekend. Fil

  4. Enjoy the holiday weekend and the knitting! You're right, it's these beams of light which we should never forget in the darkness.

  5. Indeed enjoy the long weekend and I bet hubby is happy to garden if it makes you happy. Dedicate a flower to the Manchester victims. Sympathies from across the pond.
    Take care and enjoy the week ahead

  6. Those holidays sure are nice. We have Memorial Day here right now. Gives everyone a breather. I hope you enjoy the break!
    You mentioned doing a Cover Reveal for me. If you could contact me at [smhimsl (at) gmail (dot) com] I'll send information. Thanks!

  7. Lovely celebrations, especially the last one. Good luck with the knitting. I haven't picked up a pair of needles since the early 1980s and wouldn't know where to start now.

  8. I hope you did what you wanted to do at home!! It's been a sad week!!

  9. I hope you got a lot done during the weekend. Good luck with the knitting, and have a great week!

  10. I am in the slow process of weeding around my yard and I've already filled six large lawn bags with weeds and trimmings. It's a good workout; too bad the mosquitos are feasting on me while I toil.

    Some day I will learn how to knit.

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