Sunday, 31 August 2014

'Twas the Night Before Back to School ...

Well here we all are again in the U.K. getting ready to set forth upon another school year and face a whole herd of new challenges (I wonder what the collective noun for challenges is?)  I am determined to become more organised so that I can accomplish more on both the school front as well as the home front so have set myself some blogging goals for the month of September (to post 20 times during the month!!!) and have downloaded some helpful schedules from others to try to keep myself on track.  I am also determined to try this scheduling posts idea so that they can appear even if I am not on-line which would be really useful at times!

As the weather for August has been so awful, I am hoping September will allow me some evenings to be able to get out into my garden (or should I say jungle!!) and I also want to be able to make a few more things for my home as well as for others (I am involved in the Pay it Forward Art Challenge - remember if you want to get involved just click on the button below to find out more)

I'm desperately trying to sort computer files ready for tomorrow (it's amazing how many odd documents are not filed in any folders!) so without more ado - good luck to all you British teachers out there heading back tomorrow and get a good night's sleep!


  1. Good luck for the new term Pempi ... I'm looking forward to getting back to some sort of routine. I'm coming home with a headful of ideas and still have my Pay it Forward Projects to do - I've had great fun all summer experimenting - time to actually make something now. Lol

    1. I am giving you a heads up - your Pay it Forward will be heading your way soon - it was lovely having some time this summer holiday to really get on and create things :-)