Sunday 1 March 2015

Currently March

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It's been snowing again here so listening to the gentle slushy sound outside whilst I'm safe at home all cosy is actually really pleasant :)

I'm loving that this week I've really started to notice the difference that it's getting so much lighter in the morning - I've not been having to put the lights on to go through to feed the cats at 6:30 - the dark days of winter are drawing to a close - yippee!!

I'm thinking that although we've just had a wonderful weekend with lots of our university friends visiting there's now a whole lot of clearing up and tidying away to do to get the house back to normal!!

I want to finish off the DIY projects I started in Feb - I'm close but I need to keep going - that final little bit seems to stay around for ages so I really should knuckle down and tick them completely off my list!!

Once again I need to get on with sorting out all of the worksheets, games, books, resources I have made for use in class to get them ready for sale on TpT - I always seem to find it hard to get the instructions of how to use and the presentation done for someone to actually want to buy it especially when I see the professional quality of other contributors :-(

This Easter, my husband and I will be going off on our canal boat to visit another canal we haven't yet been on - not sure which yet - but we're really looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful March and let me know what you're up to!!


  1. Ooh snow! We don't get too much of that in Australia. I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break.
    Stars and Wishes

    1. Yes my DD has now met people over in your wonderful country who have never seen snow - she can't quite believe it!!

    2. Yes my DD has now met people over in your wonderful country who have never seen snow - she can't quite believe it!!

  2. Totally feeling the spring product pressure. I sometimes am very inspired and when I actually sit down on my computer nothing happens. LOL Hope you have better luck than I have been having. :)
    Ms. K/1 ELL
    A Teacher's Plan

    1. I find it's all the twiddly bits - getting a cover on that's eye catching and the list of thank yous and copyright rules and regs which slows everything up!!

  3. Sounds like you've got good plans for Easter. I just noticed how light the mornings are now. It's nice to see, if only we could get the weather to feel a bit more like spring now!

  4. Yes warmer weather in the mornings would be greatly received rather than the first waking thought of how quick can I make it in and out of the bathroom before I freeze?