Saturday 14 March 2015

Ideas are a buzzin'

My head seems ready to explode at the moment with a whole batch of new ideas for children to build on their learning.  So this week I have been as busy as a little buzzing bee.

Unfortunately, not everything I do for the classroom can be published (copyright infringement etc) but I am going to post a little freebie I've made this week for use in phonics.

I am going to get the children to copy over the dotted letters (we could all do with a little handwriting practice from time to time) and the spare beehive on each page will be for them to either repeat copy their words or find other words with the same spelling pattern.

Clicking on the picture above will take you to the file.  I'd love feedback if you use it and any further suggestions on what teachers are looking for in products and teaching tools are always gratefully received :-)

I seem to have experienced some technical difficulties when trying to post this week - some posts have disappeared completely and some have arrived a day later!!!  Fingers crossed all goes according to plan with this Saturday one!

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