Thursday 12 March 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Socktastic!!

As you can see, I am now really getting into knitting large, chunky socks!

Unfortunately, for me what I thought was enough for a pair of fake Fair Isle socks might not be -

 so the third ball of wool has to be divided between the two socks hence why one of the socks has stitch holders on it.  I will have to start knitting now from the other end of the third ball and see how it goes - they might have to end up with pink toes from the same wool as I knitted the other pair of socks from (on display in the photo).  Fingers crossed there will be enough of the Crofter wool though!


  1. They look great - I'm very impressed ... I can't manage knitting socks at all - they drive me nuts .. :)

  2. The pattern I am using is really, really easy and knits really quickly so it has helped me learn how to turn a heel etc which will come in useful when I progress to more complicated sock patterns later on - I hope!!

  3. They look fantastic. I'm also really impressed that you're using double pointed needles. You are a sock knitting ninja! I just cannot get to grips with those. :-)

    1. How do you knit your socks then because my circular needles seem way to big to get enough stitches on to knit in the round that way?