Monday 9 March 2015

Things I know this week that I didn't know then

It's amazing what you learn as you go through life and from whom.  I think as human beings we have a craving for new knowledge.  We want to discover more, go new places, think new thoughts, learn new things and so I've decided I'd share three things I've learnt this week.

Firstly, I have learnt how to knit socks successfully and quickly.  A brilliant knitting blog post
and a useful video showing how to do the finishing off using kitchener stitch and I'm now all done.
When I've taken a photo I'll upload it here too.

Someone told me about the saying, "It looks a bit black over Bill's mother's" and where it is supposed to have derived from: a reference to William Shakespeare and Warwickshire - makes perfect sense.

I've now been introduced to the Online Faculty Service of the Church of England due to work we are having done on our house which abuts the churchyard and therefore need to gain permission from.  I now know all about statements of significance and need!

So now it's your turn - share three things you've learnt about this week and let's learn even more together - making this a week of learning opportunity!


  1. Congratulations on your sock! There's such a sense of satisfaction when you complete your first one!

    And isn't kitchener stitch cool. Once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy. :-)

  2. I totally agree that kitchener stitch is a super idea and I am adoring this super easy pattern as it does knit up quickly which is so helpful!!