Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Ready! Get Set! and almost Go!

Well, I've just finished putting the finishing touches to my food and fitness planner and diary for January.  All in readiness for tomorrow - where you can see more in my post and get a template as a freebie!

I've also finished reading Tana French's book The Secret Place which was a brilliant Who Dunnit set in a girls' school in Ireland - so good I didn't really want it to end.  Highly recommended with so many twists and turns to the plot.

All ready to take the Christmas decorations down tomorrow as well as take little kitty to the vet to be spayed and micro-chipped so must remember NOT to feed her in the morning!!

Not much for me to say in this post so roll on tomorrow and let me know what your tomorrow holds?


  1. My favorite books are the ones that I don't want to end!! I haven't taken down my decorations yet. I must get on that!!

  2. I get so wrapped up in the world of the book I'm reading I really don't want to return to normality!