Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday #3 & Wordless - Hats

Joining in with others in the effort to lose weight and become healthier during 2016 :)
It looks like others were experiencing the "Blue Monday" effect so we all need a bit of a push to re-engage and pick ourselves up.

Unfortunately, I put on half a pound this week so I moved from ___ 7 1/4 to ___ 7 3/4.
Looking at my food diary this may have been to do with me eating more bread?  A binge on peanuts one evening?  Two deserts and going out for two meals?  So this week I need to re-engage with the program and try to not be led by any cravings and to cut down on my bread intake!

Over at Madhouse Family, Cheryl also shared that although she had had no weight loss she had changed other things in her life to make it a healthier week.  It's this type of post that helps me by giving me a perspective and a new way of looking at something - e.g. why not go for exercising more this week and then even if I have no significant weight loss I will have ensured that I was "healthier"!! If you want to read her whole post go here

Kirsty over at is also posting about weight loss on a Thursday if you want to catch up there too.

Please let me know any type of new exercises you are finding that are working for you, a new healthy recipe that's easy to make or maybe another healthy life style tip you want to share?  It all helps if we spread the word :)

I'm also joining in with Wordless Wednesday and posting a photo of what I was doing before Christmas for our local Homeless Charity


  1. One of the things that most struck a chord with me on the Slimpod programme is the fact that you should ditch the scales and look around for other signs that things are going well - your clothes might feel looser or you may have more energy or feel more positive. It's so easy to get hung up on a number and definitely a bad idea to let just that define the week (says a total scales junkie !!). Thanks for the mention and fingers crossed you get a better result next week xx

  2. Thanks Cheryl and what you say sounds like very good advice :)

  3. That's lovely you knitted those hats for charity!x

    1. It was really nice being able to knit something that would be useful and wanted and would be a gift to someone who had very little.