Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday Five & Freebies

Friday has come round again and I find myself asking where did the week go?  Thought I would do a round up of what has happened this week (some of which I have previously blogged about) and so am linking up with:

Designed myself some little autumnal owl numbers using the Outline Clear font from

I have been reading about the arts and crafts movement this week so decided to use my little owl freebie from earlier this month and create some number cards in this style - what do you think?  Please feel free to use - just credit me if you do :-)
If you want the owl freebie you can find it by clicking here

Went to a wonderful inspiring exhibition on Sunday hosted by the Wolverhampton Embroiderers' Guild - I love working with felt and beads and sequins so I think I might have a go at something like this during the long winter nights this year but with a brown/red palette. Thoughts please?

Go and check out their other photos of exhibits at:

Another creation of mine this week was my wizard sentences in preparation for a forthcoming Halloween theme.  Click on the button below for a freebie and I'd love some feedback :-)

What ideas do you have for Halloween this year?

Bargain Hunting this week - led me to the end of year sales at Wilkos in their gardening section where I bought plenty of trellis so that I can attempt to make a sturdy rose arch at a fraction of the price they normally retail for.  I hope to be able to take and share photos of my Heath Robinson design in a later blog post!!

Finally - Autumn TV schedules begin - yipee!  This week I have been able to catch up with missed episodes of The Blacklist before it begins Season 2 next week and also Haven Season 5 & Defiance Season 2 have also begun airing over here in England (have to admit I am a bit of a Sci-Fi fan!!)  I do enjoy snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of coffee at the end of a long day able to watch some quality T.V.  Which favourite shows of yours are returning this autumn?

Have a great weekend :-)


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    1. Thanks, Bren - feel free to use in your classroom :)

  2. Definitely think that wreath would look good in autumnal colours. :-)

    Also, yay for Wilko sales. I went round one with my cousin and her wife while I was in Gloucester and we scored some Staedtler pens which usually sell for about £15 per pack for £2.50. Afterwards we realised we should've bought a few more packs for when they run out!

  3. I also got some Staedtler fine tip pens in a sale recently -mine cost £4 though not £2.50 :( ) - I am a sucker for stationery!!