Friday 12 September 2014

Friday Fun Write

Well this week (still on the theme of raising literacy awareness during September - see my blog post earlier this week on Wednesday) I am trying something new and joining in with my friend Cara's Linky over at Creative Playground - you can too by clicking on the button below:

Here's what Cara says about her Friday Fun Write!

"The Friday Fun Write!  Participating is easy... I will post a new word each Friday.  Think about the word for a few seconds and just start typing.  Continue with your thoughts to screen for 5 minutes and you're almost done!  Make sure to add the Friday Fun Write button to your post and link it back to this post on my blog.  Then sign up through the linky party button and you're all set!  A quick, easy way to get a post out there without taking too much effort and time!"

This week's word is - 

so here goes!

I am not so good when it comes to prioritising "my" things - I generally have my own list of what I need to accomplish during the day but every time a person comes a knocking on my little room door what they need tends to come first then and my list grows a little longer and my things get a little lower on it - which is why I am often found at work after school because that's when I don't get anymore interruptions and I can get on with what I should be doing!!

I accept this way of working because I believe part of my role is to facilitate the work of others and accommodate their problems and try to help - I am the SENCO and sometimes I feel this makes me the "Mum" of the school and the headteacher is the "Dad" (she'd probably kill me for saying that about her!)

The care and learning needs of the children in the school takes priority in my book over the paperwork aspect of the job so once again I often do this in my own time before and after school (I think during the teaching week I put in 13 hour days plus time at weekends) but that is how I choose to prioritise my time and say what is important to me.  I also think that is why I so like being part of our blogging community because I realise so many others do this too so I am not as weird as I sometimes get told I am!!

I am a list person though when it comes to dealing with priority and there is no better satisfaction when ticking off items which is why I have really rather enjoyed this week working through Teaching Trio's Sunday Scoop list I compiled at the beginning of the week I will be updating how I got on tomorrow!

Right that's my five minutes up - a bit all over the place and probably not prioritised at all but I'd love some feedback on what you think and any tips you can give me are always appreciated - your experiences are invaluable.  Now you can head on over to Cara's blog and join in too!

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