Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wordless Wednesday Classroom Best Friends

Looking at Decimals

Today I am linking with Miss DeCarbo for her Wordless Wednesday on really useful items in the classroom.  Well to my mind Numicon is an amazing visual tool for maths that I use in all different ways and for all abilities and age groups from age 3 to 11.  For this lesson a group of children were discovering decimals and talking about a chocolate bar being a whole or one and then pieces of the chocolate bar being parts of or decimals.  As a 10 piece of numicon can look like a chocolate bar but is a lot less messier the children proceeded to label pieces of numicon with the decimal it represented.  The next stage of adding decimals was then a lot easier to do with the manipulation of pieces of numicon.  Another benefit of numicon is the total hands on experience it gives children and that they are always on task when using it - and teaching maths to a group of 8 year 6 boys with various SEN I know what I'm talking about!!  There are lots of wonderful resources and lesson plans out there other teachers have shared and on the numicon site itself - so please go and take a look - it's well worth it :-)

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