Tuesday 30 September 2014

September Swansong

This will be a very short post just to ensure I complete my own target of posting 20 times during September!  I think I will make the same target for October as I did feel it helped me make that bit of extra time for blogging and become more disciplined :-)

During the month of September, I found a resource I thought I ought to share which might be useful for those of us who are working outside of the Common Core but might need knowledge for TpT resources:

http://commoncore.org/parents - provide helpful sheets for parents and others on understanding what elements of maths actually look like for all year groups

I also know I said one of my goals would be to get my fonts folder up and running have changed my laptop and I thought I would share information on where to obtain the free fonts I like and regularly use in class.  Click on the button below (sorry it does not show the actual fonts I am publicising - I just needed a font graphic!)

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