Monday 22 September 2014

Read 100 Books Challenge

Thought I would post and hi-light again from earlier this week my Read 100 Books Challenge as I have now set it up properly.  Although I might look into the prospect of setting up an accompanying linky as well in the future if I can figure the technology out and find a freebie way to do it.
(Update - I have a simple list linky now at the bottom of the challenge page you can sign up and join - yipee!!)

All you have to do is set up a page at the top of your blog with the Read 100 Books Challenge title and begin to record the books you read - tell people the title, author, when you read them - short (no more than 5 sentences) on what the book is about and your thoughts on it - a recommendation or otherwise and maybe a rating of your own choosing - stars/marks out of 10 etc.

You may use the graphic I created below if you wish to advertise it:

Leave your blog details in the comments on my 100 Books Challenge page so that others can find you and can see what you are reading and how you are doing.  If you click on my page you can see how I have set out my first few books.  This is really a challenge I set up to give myself permission to read for pleasure (rather than academic or government papers on education - which is what I seem to spend most of my reading time on) so don't think you won't succeed if you don't read 100 books - even if you manage to read two books a month and that's two books more than you normally would then you have gained success and hopefully a better lifestyle!!

It can be any book you choose (there is no book snobbery here) just make sure you don't leave any spoilers for others or at least alert before you do!!

I'd love to know what you think of the challenge and I'd love to find a few more book buddies out there from all walks of life so please join in if you can :-)


  1. I think I'm going to try and join in with this but it'll take me a few days to get set up - great idea. I could certainly do with getting a lot more reading time. Fil

  2. That's the spirit, Fil - give yourself permission to read (and in my case I am switching off the T.V. and picking up a book or even lying in bed reading - when usually I am working in bed with my laptop or school stuff!!) And I am starting to feel better for it - it's reminding me of when I was young and always used to have my nose buried in a book!!