Sunday, 22 February 2015

Domino Dimanche

Yes, Sunday has appeared as if out of nowhere again and Saturday is a vague recollection.

I have been sorting out some domino games and activities for this week and have to say a box of dominoes is a wonderful resource in the Special Needs maths' cupboard.  Or come to think of it social aspect cupboard too as once learnt this game allows participation with young and old, beginners and experts, turn taking, strategy, winning and losing, the list goes on.  And let's not forget about those manipulation/dexterity skills when setting dominoes up to topple them over in an amazing design!!

I have almost finished a paid product for TpT but thought I would share this little domino resource with followers of my blog.  Click on the picture below to download.

I'd love to know what you think about dominoes?  Who taught you to play?  Where can you remember playing dominoes - in the pub, at the caravan site, rainy lunchtimes etc?  What activities you use them for in your classroom?  And what different types of sets you might have seen being used e.g. I have a domino set that goes up to double 9!!


  1. I ♥ dominoes! I think my family had their own set of rules growing up...mostly involving building intricate patterns. I use a color-coded set with my first grade small math groups - perfect for Part-Part-Whole (Total). Thanks for the freebie :) Jen

  2. Colour coding certainly helps and dominoes are good as they show both parts on a single domino that can be added together by counting those spots - yippee!!