Sunday, 15 February 2015

Whoops - where did Saturday go?

Don't you feel that weekends just rush by?  I can't believe it's nearing the end of Sunday already and I've just realised I forgot to post anything yesterday!!  Whoops!!!

However, I think this is because I was busy trying to get done things around the house before half term begins tomorrow when I know I will have lots to do as well as hopefully lots of meet ups with friends who work in schools and don't normally have the time to catch up with.

I did finish the cowl I was knitting and have managed to use up three odd balls of wool I was given recently so that is something to feel good about.  I hope to finish a pair of fingerless mittens?? this weekend too I've just got to find the pattern I seem to have put down somewhere.

Unfortunately, the door curtain is still in the process of being made however the actual curtain pole is now up and in place awaiting it - yipee!!

I also wish to report that I did keep up with my dog walking this week despite rather cold and wet weather at times.

And lastly I did have a lovely valentine's day as it was on the weekend and so we could actually share some quality time together which was really pleasant.  Hope you had a super weekend too :-)


  1. Enjoy your mid term Tempi :)

  2. My Saturday AND Sunday kind of just slipped by. Fortunately we have two more days off for Presidents' Day/Winter break. So I can procrastinate until tomorrow if I want to! I've never knitted anything. I did once crochet a blanket long ago. It was ugly and loose! Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency