Friday, 27 February 2015

Five For Friday

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First a big thank you
to all those wonderful artists out there who create clipart that they then share freely with the rest of us.  I have been collecting some more clipart goodies this week including these natty little hats by

 Although many of my teaching buddies in the USA have been experiencing snow days it has just been very wet and windy here.  I'd love some warmer, brighter weather this weekend so I can maybe get some gardening done.  I have had to resort to making a herb garden inside next to my husband's muddy work boots in the hallway!!

I know I will be busy doing other things anyway this weekend catching up with lots of our friends from university who are all coming here along with their respective families - so lots to get done and cooked before they arrive!!
 Already, trying to plan ahead to Mother's Day here in the U.K.  Cards and little gifts to make that will be appreciated but won't take too long.  Now how can I fit maths and literacy into that?

Lastly, I didn't sell anything during the TpT sale this week but it did spur me on to get another couple of resources posted on my store so I am pleased about that :-)
How was the sale for you?  Did you get any major sales made or did you take advantage to buy things for your class?  Hoping you all have a lovely weekend :-)


  1. We've had a lot of wet and windy weather up in Scotland too. Last night it sounded like there was a train trying to get through the bedroom wall! And then this morning we had sleet and hail, I'm quite ready for it to stop being winter now!

  2. Yes, I don't think I'd cope at all well with the storms Scotland has and being on a island must be quite frightening when you are dependent on a relatively calm sea to get on or off it?