Friday, 13 February 2015

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Having recently purchased some books, I decided I'd better have a sort out on my bedroom bookcase and take some to the charity shop.  I find it really difficult getting rid of books.  I love owning them, their smell, their artwork all invoke wonderful memories.  However, I managed to sort these three from my bookcase that I thought I could bear to give away.

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake was a fascinating read mainly because of the author's concept of a young girl being able to taste feelings within food and how this affected her life.  I totally recommend this as a good read and felt I should pass this on to someone else to read because I had enjoyed it but probably wouldn't wish to re-read later in life.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of The Jane Austen Book Club which I had picked up mainly because it had been recommended by Alice Sebold of The Lovely Bones which is a brilliant book.  I am afraid I found the characters self-centred and boring and just couldn't get into it.  So a bit of a bad book in my eyes and not one I wished to keep.  Hopefully, someone will appreciate it more than I did.

And finally, the rather ugly looking "New Anthology" published in 1941 of Modern Verse.  At least maybe it might find a spot in the Antiquarian shelf of the charity book shop I thought.  But then I stopped to open it and suddenly all the wonderful poetry came flooding out of it and as I turned the pages my eyes filled with tears of sadness, my lips parted with a smile of knowing, my cheeks lifted in response to a smile sent by poets through time that resonated so much with me that I have to say it has gone back onto my bedroom bookshelf because I cannot bear to part with it.  Its outside hides how much it has to offer within so I am reminded of that good old saying "Never judge a book by its cover"!


  1. You've done better than me at sorting out books. When I had my sort out the other week the only book I managed to get rid of was a duplicate, hehe.

    I've seen the film version of The Jane Austen Book Club and I didn't realise there was a book. It's a shame it was a bit of a disappointment, the film wasn't too bad.

    I love old books like that one you have there. I especially like ones with inscriptions on the inside. It makes me sad to think that it was bought for someone and has ended up being unloved in a charity shop. I'm so soppy.

  2. Yes - you've made me feel much better about my book sorting, Click. I agree with you about inscriptions in books but I feel I have adopted them into my home when I buy them from charity shops and that they can feel wanted again :-)