Monday 11 May 2015

Creative Mondays

During the A to Z Challenge, I felt I opened up a bit more about my "Crafty" side and it was nice to meet more people with a penchant for knitting, sewing and various arts & craft hobbies.  So I have decided to throw myself a little more into that side of my nature and today I am joining for the first time Claire Justine's
where the aim of the game is to write a post celebrating something you've created - whether it be a recipe, an outfit, craft related or anything else creative! And then go and visit a few of the other creative posts involved!

If you fancy joining in then click the button above AFTER you've read my "creative" post :)

I'm going to begin with a photo relating back to something I included in  my A to Z Challenge post about W is for Wool.  I know at the time I put up some photos of other people's stashes as I said I had lots of wool all over the place and didn't have time to get it stashed together just then.  Well I thought I'd show you the wool I found when sorting out my cupboards in one of the rooms downstairs and this doesn't even account for what's in the pouff (large storage footstool) that's located in the same room!!  Even I was taken aback and I know I need to erase this photo from the camera before my husband sees it else there's going to be questions asked!!!  So if you multiply this photo by five I think that probably equates to how much wool I have secreted about this house.  I might have to admit to a small addiction - whoops!

My next batch of photos all relate to things I have made in the past for various craft stalls at school fetes that are now going to the Charity Garden Party I will be attending in a couple of weeks time.

 Suede fabric cushion cover

Beanbag chickens!

 Pin cushions

 Little Girl's Bag

Ollie Owl

I'm hoping they'll raise some money for the two charities (Multiple Sclerosis & Leukemia).  At the moment I haven't much time to make anything and I know I'll have to try to bake a cake or buns to take along so I think these will have to do!

And now for a sneak peak at what I hope to be blogging about next Monday - if all goes well!!
I am sure some of you will have a good idea of what this might be about!

So now it's up to you - what has your creative side been getting up to recently?  I'd love to know and if you have time why not join in the blog hop?


  1. What wonderful craft? great post, good to read and look at.

    1. I thought about you, Yvonne because of your poetry - this might be a blog hop you'd like to contribute to?

  2. First, let me say, I love the chickens. They are adorable.
    Well I am always knitting something. I not only have a stash of yarn, but I also have a stash of scarves,hats, mitts, etc. When the bin gets full, I do a give-a-way. A few months ago, my sister was visiting. I pulled out my bin of items and and asked her if she was interested in any of it. She pretty much emptied the bin and took home most of the things. Yay, I thought, now I can start filling up the bin again. Which is really just an excuse to buy more yarn :)

    1. Thank you that you like the chickens - hopefully someone will give them a good home! That's a good idea about having a bin of made items - then there's always something around for a quick gift - I might try that :) You've made me feel much better about my "addiction"!

  3. Wow -- hat's off to your creativity, *and* your skill! How wonderful to create these things, and the fact you're donating them to a good cause just makes it all the more special.

    I'm dropping by to congratulate you: you're one of three winners for the giveaway I ran on my blog throughout the challenge (for a short story collection to be released this summer) -- yay you! You can find the The Miracle of Small Things A-to-Z Giveaway Results post here, and when you get a chance let me know whether you'd like an e-book or a print copy, and how best to get it to you, yes? Thanks so much for joining in, and hope you have a brilliant (and very creative) week :)

  4. Thank you so much, Guilie and I am over the moon at being a winner of your new book. I don't normally win anything so this is BIG for me!! I've already popped over and left a message on your site to say thanks :)

  5. Thank you, Tyrean - I'm hoping something will appeal and raise some dosh!

  6. Aww these are lovely, how sweet is the owl!! :) such great charity's too..

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, hope you had fun hopping around :)

    1. It's been great, Claire and I will certainly be back for more :) Thanks for setting this all up.

  7. You wool stash is as bad as mine! I really need to get mine under control before my mum comes to visit because it's started taking over the bedroom and living room now.

    I love the things you've made for charity fundraising. The chickens are especially funky. You're making me want to get my sewing machine set up.